The best mats of summer 2021

The best mats of summer 2021

From the giant unicorn to the lounge island, here are the most original shapes and those designed for comfort

The inflatable mattress for the sea is one of the most popular accessories in summer: from the first models that only thought about 'waterproofness and ease of inflation, we have arrived at more particular versions in terms of design and functionality. We have chosen five models to focus on in this summer 2021

Giant unicorn

(Photo: Intex) A great modern classic is the unicorn-shaped mattress, which thanks to the well-known manufacturer Intex is pushes up to the gigantic dimensions of over 5 meters in length, so as to accommodate even 3 or 4 people. A real floating island with seats and cup holders for parties on the water. It costs about 155 euros, here on offer on Amazon.

Avocado with balloon stone

Another design that is growing in popularity is that of the avocado: thanks to its enveloping shape it can accommodate the passenger for float placidly by the sea or in the pool and there is the gem of the core that can be detached to become a ball to play. It costs 25.99 euros on Amazon with pump included.

Inflatable hammock

(Photo: lenbest) Now stable in the rankings of the best-selling mattresses for the sea, the one in the shape of an inflatable hammock tip all about practicality with the thin and transparent central part and the two floating ends. It can also act as a support for fitness exercises in the water and is available in various colors for 19.99 euros on Amazon.

Lounge with cover

(Photo: Intex) Intex's inflatable lounge is a small island for those who want to relax and let themselves be lulled by the waves. The large diameter of about two meters is enough for two people and there is a cover that can be raised to create some shade; a couple of glass or bottle holders complete the picture. It is the most expensive of the lot, it costs 160 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Inflatable waterproof sofa

(Photo: Qdreclod) Finally, a multifunctional and multifunctional mattress that looks like a Inflatable and waterproof sofa that can support over 200kg of load. It can be very useful not only for relaxing on the water, but also as a bed for resting on the beach and or camping. It costs 39.99 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Speaking of accessories for the holiday, here are the games for the beach and the sea.

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