Understanding Online Casino Software: How They Work and The Best Ones


Online casino gaming is becoming a more and more popular activity. The internet has simply made casino gaming more accessible and convenient. Casino gaming is also becoming a less taboo subject as this is no longer far from playing any other online games. Today, online casinos use the latest tech to make sure they can keep up with the demands of the market and this is where online casino software developers play an important role.

The thing about playing an online casino game is that you don’t exactly need to understand how it works. You can just play a Fishin Frenzy demo or other online slots like Jumanji Slot, Sweet Bonanza Slot, and Reactoonz 2 without being knowledgeable about how slot games work but it somehow helps to make you feel more comfortable playing these games to at least know the basics.

Online slot machine games and table games too that you play like blackjack, video poker, and roulette are all their thanks to casino software developers. With casino software, these games are much better compared to the online casino games that you can play in the 90s. The quality of these games is way more sophisticated which many people can easily enjoy.

What is Online Casino Software and How Does it Work?

It’s a common misconception that online casinos themselves create or develop the games that they offer. While this has been the case in the early days of online casinos, this isn’t common anymore. Only a few online casinos are only doing this as most online gambling sites nowadays team up with online casino software developers.

The casino software is what makes sure that the games are of quality and are also fair. It is programmed with a Random Number Generator or RNG to ensure that the results of the games that you play are unbiased or not “rigged”.

RNG is what makes sure that no one can predict the outcome of the game that you’re playing like any game of slots. There is simply no way to manipulate the result of your game. There is no way to predict whether you will lose or hit the jackpot on your next spin.

Thanks to casino software developers, it’s also easier for people to know the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of a game. Typically, this is now something that is commonly disclosed on the game info. This way, players get to know how likely they are to win when playing a slot machine game.

Another advantage of online casinos not creating their games is that you’re not going to be confined to just a casino site if you have a favorite game to play. The biggest and most popular casino software developers are typically partnered up with multiple casinos. This could mean that if you enjoy playing NetEnt’s Jumanji Slots, you are likely to find this game on multiple casino sites.

Types of Casino Software

Today, you get to play casino games on different platforms and this is because of the different types of casino software out there. Here are the three main types of casino software available for online casino players.

·       Downloadable Software – This sounds exactly the way it is. If you’ve been playing online games for a while, think of a software or program like Steam. There are online casinos out there that will require you to download software or program on your PC or laptop first before you can play their games. This is where you’ll always have to go and log in to play a casino game on your device.

·       Instant Play Software – Most online casinos nowadays make use of this. This lets you play any casino game on a web browser. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a phone, a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone. As long as you can access a casino site with a browser, you should be able to play a game. No need to download anything as the idea is to click and play.

·       Mobile Apps – Mobile gaming is also on the rise and this is why many casino software developers are now coming up with casino mobile apps. Today, official app stores can still be strict about gambling apps, and so, most casino apps are still only available to download on an official casino site. With this, you get to play any real money game with just a few taps on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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