The best ice cream makers of 2021

The best ice cream makers of 2021

Five models to also prepare sorbets or yogurt without too much effort

(Photo: Pixabay) Summer time for ice creams to enjoy while walking or relaxing in a park or in front of a beautiful landscape, but if you want to launch into home production? Never as in this case the equipment makes the difference: luckily the ice cream makers come to the rescue, that is the ice cream and sorbet machines (for vegans or lactose intolerant) who can usually also prepare yogurt.

Equipped with a compressor and internal blades for creaming, these appliances always experience a surge in popularity in the summer. We have chosen five models to focus on.

Musso Mini 4080

(Photo: Musso) Musso Mini 4080 is a popular made in Italy home ice cream maker and counts on a body entirely in stainless steel for a simple cleaning and simplifies the procedures by automating everything: just press a button and turn the timer to start production which, in 15 or 20 minutes, can guarantee about 700 grams of ice cream, but also sorbets, slushes, frozen yogurt and so on. It costs a lot: 785 euros on Amazon.

De'Longhi ICK5000 Il Gelataio

(Photo: DeLonghi) From the experience of De'Longhi here is the ICK5000 Il Gelataio model or an ice cream maker for house equipped with a 230 watt compressor, 1.2 liter capacity and a simple system for regulating the program between ice cream preparation, only movement of the whipping blades or only refrigeration system. It costs 320 euros, here on offer on Amazon.

H.Koenig HF250

(Photo: H.Koenig) H.Koenig HF250 is an ice cream maker with self-refrigerating compressor and 1.5 liter capacity to prepare ice creams and sorbets in less than 40 minutes thanks to the 150 watt power. The body is largely made of stainless steel. Among the accessories included are the removable basket and the spoon for serving ice cream. The price is 179.99 euros, here on Amazon. For those looking for more power (180 watts) and more capacity (2 liters), there is the HF340 model for € 299.99.

Severin Ez 7406

(Photo: Severin) Compact but roomy, Severin Ez 7406 is a 2 in 1 ice cream machine as it can also prepare yogurt and can keep cold for up to 60 minutes. Made of stainless steel and with an LCD service display, it uses two 2-liter containers and encloses a recipe book in the package. It costs 309 euros, here on offer on Amazon.


(Photo: Erika) The Erika 2-in-1 ice cream maker is an ice cream and yogurt machine with of 250 watts and a capacity of 2.5 liters. It can be controlled via the touchscreen display and among the functions offered there is also that of pre-cooling to obtain greater creaminess. It costs 399 euros, here on Amazon.

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