Wine cellars | The best of 2021

Wine cellars | The best of 2021

If you are a lover of good wine or bottle collectors, you cannot avoid buying one of the best wine cellars. We are talking about very particular products because there is no one in particular that excels over the others, but you need to know your needs before making the correct purchase.

Clearly, as in all market segments, there are solutions various solutions, starting from the economic ones up to the products considered premium. In any case, according to your needs and your wallet, all the items included in this particular guide can be best adapted to your kitchen or your home space. We will start with cheap products and finish with the best in the category.

Read also: Mini Fridge | The best of 2021 In this article, therefore, we have decided to offer you a buying guide on the best wine cellars currently available, then giving you some useful information to guide you to the correct purchase. Before moving on to the review, it should be emphasized that the advantage of owning articles of this kind lies in their ability to keep a bottle of wine at an optimal temperature, while they do not bring any kind of benefit if your goal is to age the wine. own bottle or collection.

The best wine cellars

Klarstein Vinamora Klarstein Reserva Hisense RW30D4AJ0 Haier WS50GA Haier WS53GDA Haier WS171GA

Klarstein Vinamora

With a capacity of 35 liters for the storage of 12 bottles of wine, the Klarstein Vinamora cellar is one of the first products to appear in this buyer's guide to the best wine cellars. Ideal for both residential and commercial contexts, among its technical specifications we find a glass door with double insulation, while inside it there are only hidden fans that ensure maximum stability of the temperature avoiding sudden changes (between 11 and 18 degrees centigrade) . It also has a touch panel on the front, which guarantees complete control of all functions.

Klarstein Reserva

Klarstein Reserva it is one of the best wine cellars on the market, and is available at an adequate selling price for the technical specifications of which it is dated. Thanks to its 34 liters of volume, it will be possible to store up to twelve bottles of wine on four shelves, easily removable. In addition, it is a concentrate of design and functionality because it boasts soft and graceful lines, and everything you need to keep bottles cold, with a temperature between 7 and 18 degrees centigrade. There is also a convenient LED display to control all essential functions.

Hisense RW30D4AJ0

Hisense RW30D4AJ0 is the optimal solution for everyone those extremely elegant furnishings, because it has wood finishes that give not only a good dose of class, but also of actuality. This product also has a maximum capacity of 32 bottles, and guarantees excellent energy efficiency while maintaining low noise (39dB) and low vibrations. In short, an article that certainly represents an excellent investment, considering its technical specifications!

Haier WS50GA

The Haier WS50GA can be considered as a real top of the range of wine cellars on the market. It guarantees not only superlative capacity, but also reduced energy consumption, thanks to efficient operation. It boasts an elegant design, designed to make the kitchen even more beautiful. In addition to the presence of an internal light, this product has a glass door with UV filter, and an activated carbon filter. Finally, there is an anti-vibration system that ensures a good dose of extra safety for your bottle collection.

Haier WS53GDA

Among the best-selling products of the moment we find one of the best wine cellars on the market, namely the Haier WS53GDA. It is a small cellar that has two independent temperature zones, which allow you to store both white and red wines in full autonomy. Like all top-of-the-range items, it has a glass door with a UV filter, to protect the bottles from harmful light, and an activated carbon filter that ensures the cleanliness of the air inside the cellar. In addition, it boasts an anti-vibration compressor for maximum silence and a digital display to adjust temperatures in a simple and intuitive way.

Haier WS171GA

We close this buying guide with the best product on the market, namely the Haier WS171GA. A small cellar capable of holding up to 171 bottles of wine at the same time. Like all products in this price range, it boasts a glass door with UV filter, which blocks the entry of sunlight into the cellar. There is also an activated carbon filter, which in this case guarantees a good level of hygiene, preserving the characteristics of the wine over time. Then, we also find an anti-vibration compressor for maximum silence and a digital display to adjust the temperature.

How to choose the best wine cellars

After taking a look at the review of the best products on the market, we indicate which are the characteristics to check before purchasing a wine cellar.

Typology Constant temperature Capacity Number of temperature zones


There are two types of wine coolers on the market: the “On-off” ones or the “Inverter” ones. The "On-off" products are those characterized by high performance and guarantee a constant temperature, but at the same time produce considerable energy consumption and strong vibrations. The "inverter" cellars boast a good level of performance with a customized variable temperature, all with reduced energy consumption and vibrations reduced to a minimum.

Constant temperature

The cellars must respect an imperative, that is, the temperature must be constant. All the products in this market segment guarantee this factor, but only a few are able to preserve their wine bottles over time.


Capacity is a very personal factor, but in in any case, we advise you to take a product with a capacity a little higher than your needs, so that you can rest assured when you decide to buy a larger load of wine for your collection.

Number of zones of temperature

Last aspect, not in classical order, is the number of temperature zones. This is important, but not necessarily binding. Basically it allows you to store more types of wines, based on their characteristics, because it allows you to manage the temperature of one or more areas of the fridge.

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