What you need to know about maturity 2021

What you need to know about maturity 2021

From commissions to modalities, here is the main information on the state exam. Talks starting June 16

(Photo: Salvatore Laporta / Ipa) Almost 500,000 students will face the final exams in less than 10 days. From next June 16, the oral interviews will begin, which replaced the traditional written tests with which the state exams were held, before the Covid-19 pandemic. Like last year, therefore, the rehearsal will be only one, will take place in the presence, will last one hour and will be divided into four parts. Here are all the details.

The key dates of maturity 2021

The first date to keep in mind is June 14th. At 8.30 the presidents and members of the commissions will meet in the first plenary session to: extract the letter from which the alphabetical order of convocation for the oral will then start; decide the order of precedence between external and internal candidates; establish the beginning of the interviews for each subcommittee, as well as the modalities and timing of future plenary meetings.

The exams will officially begin on June 16 at 8.30, which will end when all candidates have taken the test oral, approximately around the first week of July.

The commissions

Each commission includes 2 classes and is made up of 12 internal members, plus a president from outside the school where the exam is held. Each class refers to 6 teachers who make up the subcommittee in charge of evaluating the candidates. The commissions will officially take office on June 14, during the first plenary session. The composition of the commissions was published by the ministry of education on May 31st. To find out the name of the president and the other members of your commission, just search the ministry's website, inserting the province, study address and name of the institution.

Admission to the exam

The Invalsi tests and the completion of the number of hours of the Pathways for transversal skills and orientation (Pcto) are not considered necessary requirements to be admitted to the oral exam. While the individual class councils will evaluate admission on the basis of attendance, scheduled for at least three quarters of the annual timetable.

Type of examination

Reinforced oral, or “Maxi oral”, will take place in the presence, will last one hour and will be divided into four parts. The first will focus on the discussion of the paper on specific study subjects, carried out between 30 April and 31 May. This may be a written text or a product related to the school curriculum (audiovisual product, artistic project or other). The second will consider a short text, already the subject of study in the teaching of the Italian language and literature. The texts were chosen individually by the class councils and included in the document of May 15, which contains topics, methods, objectives and tools of the training course. Then it will be time to analyze some materials that characterize the different study disciplines: a text, a document, a project or a problem. Finally, the last part of the oral exam will be the presentation of the experiences carried out in the PCTOs.

In conducting the interviews, the sub-committees will take into consideration the information contained in the student's curriculum, the new digital tool that contains everything the educational path of students (school and extra-school). A maximum of 5 candidates will be evaluated per day and the order of convocation will be alphabetical, starting from the letter established on the basis of the survey of June 14th.

The score

The final evaluation will be expressed in cents and it will be possible to get the praise. The school credits, related to the training course of the last 3 years of education, will be awarded up to a maximum of 60 points. While with the oral interview up to 40 points will be awarded.

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