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The German authorities have given ministries until the end of the year to adapt. The social network's data exchange with the United States is targeted

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All German ministries and government agencies will have until the end of the year to close their Facebook pages. According to the German privacy supervisor, Mark Zuckerberg's social platform has not yet complied with European and German laws on the protection of personal data, continuing to send user information to the United States.

With entry in force of the Gdpr, the European regulation for data protection, the European Union has established that any transfer of data outside its territory is possible only in some cases. The first case is that of "adequacy" of the third country. Adequacy is based on various factors such as respect for the rule of law, fundamental rights, the existence of data protection rules, independent authorities and international commitments. However, in the case of the United States, the European Union believes that the surveillance of the Washington government may not respect the privacy of European citizens when their personal data is sent for commercial purposes. Thus, last August, the Personal Data Protection Authority of Ireland, where Facebook has its registered office in Europe, launched an investigation against the platform, which ended with the provisional order to suspend the transfer of data. .

Despite the ruling, according to the German Privacy Guarantor, the social network did not act in any way to block the transfer to the United States of the personal data of its European users. It would be impossible, said the privacy supervisor Ulrich Kelber, to manage a Facebook page in such a way as to prevent the transfer of subscriber data. Currently, the official page of the German government alone has more than a million followers, whose data has certainly already been sent to the United States and probably used for commercial profiling. "Given the continuing breach of personal data protection, there is no time to waste" reads Kelber's communication to government organizations, reported by Reuters "if you have a fan page, I strongly recommend that you close it by the end of the year ”.

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This article has no title

This article has no title

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