The United States spied on Merkel and other European leaders by exploiting Denmark's internet

The United States spied on Merkel and other European leaders by exploiting Denmark's internet

From 2012 to 2014, the NSA intelligence agency used access to Danish internet cables to extrapolate conversations and text messages exchanged between leading European politicians.

(Photo: Ludovico Marin / Getty Images) Between 2012 and 2014 the US intelligence agency Nsa (National security agency) spied on Angela Merkel and other European political leaders, exploiting a collaboration with the secret services of Denmark , the Danish defense intelligence service (Fe in Danish). The news was reported by the Danish state broadcaster Dr, after a nine-month investigation in collaboration with Fe sources.

In addition to the chancellor, the surveillance of the NSA hit the former foreign minister German Frank-Walter Steinmeir (current president of the Federal Republic) and former leader of the Social Democratic Party Peer Steinbrück and other prominent politicians from France, Norway and Sweden. The US intelligence agency allegedly exploited access to Danish internet cables to intercept communications from European leaders, using their private phone numbers to extract information. As reported by Dr, the NSA managed to get hold of tens of thousands of text messages and audio of telephone calls between various political actors. Denmark is a strategic point, as it hosts the arrival stations of submarine internet cables to and from Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The discovery came at the conclusion of the Dunhammer operation, organized internally at Fe in 2014, following the revelations of Edward Snowden on the mass surveillance methods used by the NSA. After the investigation, which took place in August last year, the head of the Danish secret services and three other officials were suspended by an independent council that oversees their functions, with allegations of wrongdoing resulting from the results of the investigation. The Danish broadcaster Dr managed to partially unveil the contents of the final report of the operation, which ended in 2015, thanks to the collaboration of several European newspapers and the statements of 9 anonymous sources who took part in the investigation. >
“It is grotesque that the allied secret services have spied and intercepted the highest representatives of other countries - said Steinbrück -. Politically, I consider it a scandal ”. As Reuters reported, the NSA refused to make any comments, as did Danish intelligence.

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