Panini DC Italia interviews Grant Morrison, an exclusive clip for Cultura POP

Panini DC Italia interviews Grant Morrison, an exclusive clip for Cultura POP

Panini DC Italia interviews Grant Morrison

Cultura POP is pleased to be able to present an exclusive clip of the interview with Grant Morrison made by Panini DC Italia for the new Panini Comics Insider format which will debut on Panini Comics' official social channels and which will host some of the biggest over the next few months. international authors.

Panini Comics Insider interviews Grant Morrison, the exclusive clip and the new format

It will debut tomorrow, Friday 28 May on the Panini Comics youtube channel and on the publishing house's official social profiles, Panini Comics Insider. This is a new format entirely dedicated to the discovery of the greatest international authors in the world of comics, with exclusive interviews conducted by the Panini Comics editorial team. Career, anecdotes, curiosities and upcoming news: these are the ingredients that will characterize each Panini Comics Insider appointment, to fully explore the life of the great guests who will participate in the format.

First guest of Panini Comics Insider will be Grant Morrison (author, among others, of All-Star Superman, Doom Patrol, The Invisibles), interviewed by Nicola Peruzzi (Panini Comics editorial coordinator) and Antonio Solinas (Panini Comics editor, editor of several Italian Morrrison publications).

In the interview, entitled The Sentence is Written, the volcanic Scottish author will focus mainly on The Invisibles (bought the omnibus on Amazon), on how the imaginary represented has then found its way into reality, with a reading different from the one conceived during the writing phase:

[...] I think The Invisibles has gone mainstream, but in a somewhat strange and unusual way "says Morrison" Many of their ideas were taken not from the left, which was where they originally came from [...] they are been taken and developed from the right… which I find strange. And that's not what you expect when you create works of this type. You don't expect the way they are interpreted to radically change their meaning. It depends on how people read them, on how they decide to behave accordingly. The direction taken may be completely the opposite of that initially thought ". There are also references to how this last year that has upset our lives has influenced the trend of the world, perhaps approaching his idea of ​​"supercontext".

Here is the exclusive clip:

The first part of the long interview with Grant Morrison will be available on Friday 28 May on the official Panini Comics social channels. The remaining five parts will be released every Friday, in the same way.

About Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison has been collaborating with DC for over thirty years, starting with the legendary revolutionary cycles. Animal Man and Doom Patrol series (buy the omnibus on Amazon). Since then he has written numerous best sellers including JLA, Batman (bought the first omnibus on Amazon) and, for Marvel, New X-Men (bought the first volume on Amazon) as well as the critically acclaimed creator-owned series The Invisibles, Seaguy, The Filth, We3 and Joe the Barbarian. Morrison has also pushed the boundaries of the DC universe on the award-winning pages of All-Star Superman (buy the volume on Amazon), Final Crisis, Batman Incorporated, Action Comics and with that Great Unified Theory of DC which is Multiversity (buy the volume on Amazon).

In his secret identity, Morrison is the spokesperson of the "counterculture", musician, award-winning playwright and exponent of chaos magic. He is also the author of Supergods, the New York Times best seller, a revolutionary psycho-historical mapping of the superhero as a cultural organism. He is the creator of the television series Happy! and is currently hard at work reinventing Hal Jordan on Green Lantern. He divides himself between his own homes in Los Angeles and Scotland.

You can already see the Panini DC Italia news scheduled for July 2021 thanks to our dedicated article.

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