The most exciting moments of the Friends reunion

The most exciting moments of the Friends reunion

From (real) crushes on each other to incidents on set. The reunion of the six protagonists of the cult series is a triumph of memories and some revelations. Warning: if you haven't seen it yet, stay away from this article for the moment

ATTENTION: spoiler about the Friends reunion

Finally it has arrived: the Friends reunion debuted yesterday (in Italy on Sky and Now) and gave fans everything they could possibly want. Nostalgia, memories, laughter, a few tears and even some behind-the-scenes revelations made by the six protagonists, along with the other guests and guest stars present. Of course, there are those who have hoped for something more, for example less fillers and fewer external contributions. But it is also true that this special has given us exciting and moving moments, returning all the understanding that existed between Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

1. The return to the set

In the first scenes the performers enter, one at a time, on the set that saw them as protagonists 17 years earlier. They embrace again amid the more or less held back tears. It is an intense moment, because it is genuine: the producers of the special told how complicated it was, on the day of shooting, to keep the six apart before they saw each other at that moment. The emotion is palpable and there is no shortage of memories: Matt LeBlanc recalls that Courteney Cox wrote the lines on the kitchen table to remember them and he deleted them!

2. The crush of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

Leading the protagonists of Friends on the avenue of memories are the questions of James Corden who at a certain point poses the most important: "Have there ever been love stories between these young and beautiful actors?" . Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, forever Rachel and Ross, admit they had a crush on each other. "I was really smitten with her," he said, only to be answered: "It was mutual." The two then add that they have never exceeded "the limit", because they are both engaged in other relationships, but that they have sublimated the attraction in their respective roles: the first kiss, consumed at the legendary Central Perk, was therefore their first kiss in absolute. Other behind-the-scenes scenes show them cuddling on the sofa at the finished daily shoot.

3. Unseen scenes

About behind the scenes: the special is full of cut images and never seen scenes. Like the one in which LeBlanc dislocates his shoulder in the episode in which she competes with Chandler for a chair. But even more beautiful is to see the performers themselves witness their bloopers, that is, the errors while filming, which obviously are cut in the final versions: by their own admission, not all the actors have watched the edited episodes (Kudrow and Schwimmer, for example, have only recently recovered some), so it's amazing to see their first viewing. Between wrong lines, slightly over-the-top improvisations and dances to break the tension, there is yet another confirmation that the chemistry between the six was palpable.

4. Lady's version of Cat's mangy Gaga

There is no doubt that Friends fans remember many lines by heart. In particular, the text of Gatto rognoso, the unlikely hit by Phoebe Buffay. In the reunion, therefore, a dutiful homage to what is the second track of the soundtrack of the series cannot be missing (the first is, of course, the theme song I’ll Be There For You by Rembrandts). To make it even more special, Lady Gaga sits on the sofa at Central Perk, next to Lisa Kudrow, with the guitar in her hand for a heartfelt duet, to which is added a real gospel choir.

5 The revelation of Matthew Perry

As expected, the story of the more complex aspects of the series is reduced to the bone. There are, for example, the words of Matthew Perry, which sound like a confession: the actor, who during the filming of Friends had several personal problems, above all the addiction to substances that he treated when entering and leaving rehab, admits the non easy relationship with his comic side. "If the audience hadn't laughed, I felt I could have died," he says, referring to the audience attending the recordings of the episodes, adding that he suffered from panic attacks as a result. “He was like that every night,” much to the surprise of his colleagues who had never noticed his difficulties. Also in this reunion he seems to be the most aloof and insecure, and seeing him in this way his heart tightens with emotion.

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