Sierra, Ken Williams gets back to work on a new game

Sierra, Ken Williams gets back to work on a new game


Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of Sierra, are working on a new game. The news was spread by a YouTube channel that deals exclusively with narrative and graphic adventures, after a first contact with the modeler and programmer currently working on the development team. This is a very important return, considering that the couple (husband and wife and partner in video game development) had retired from the scene, except for an appearance in 2014 at The Game Awards to collect a career award in the world of video games. br>
At the moment there are not many details about it. Sierra is no longer directly connected to Roberta and Ken Williams, so what we can deduce is that the two are working on an independent production. In reality, as specified a few hours after the launch of the news, only Ken is working on the title: Roberta would still be involved but the design and good part of the work is solely in the hands of her husband, as specified in a long post on Facebook. . The roles, therefore, have been reversed: initially it was Roberta who created the video games, while Ken was more focused on the role of CEO of Sierra.

The status of the work of the two former Sierra's is currently still in the early stages. Although Ken Williams is decidedly optimistic, even considering a release in 2021, only now the 3D modeler and programmer is taking care of the graphics. Beta testing should ideally start between July and August but it is clear that more will be needed in the coming months. However, not knowing the scale of the work (but it is hardly an open world or in any case a huge game) the possibility of having some updates in your hands over the next few weeks is reduced to a flicker but never say never.

Over the years of activity, Sierra has distinguished itself for the production of fun, profound graphic adventures that have radically marked the progress of the genre. Among the most iconic sagas are certainly the King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Lords of the Realm and Police Quest series. Other notable games the team worked on were F.E.A.R., World in conflict, Half-Life and Homeworld.

The story of Sierra as told by Ken Williams? You can find it in a wonderful book available on Amazon.

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