All that is missing to start the green passes

All that is missing to start the green passes

Updates coming soon for the Io and Immuni apps. Verification apps will also land on the stores. Rules are needed to decide who controls green certificates. The European network is ready

The European green pass The infrastructure has passed the tests. For this reason, from June 1st, the European Commission is ready to turn on the engines of the green pass interchange system. In short, if from next week one of the 27 states of the Union were ready to issue the version of the certificates certifying the vaccination, the coronavirus recovery or the negative result to a molecular swab carried out in the 48 or 72 hours prior to the trip , Brussels could already make the gateway available to circulate information. General tests of that control system which will officially enter into force on July 1st and is intended to ease restrictions for those traveling within the Union.

Of states ready to issue green passes, according to a senior Commission official close to the game, there are many: Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Austria and also Italy. Specifically, Rome is aiming for the 15-20 June horizon for the issue of the first certificates. It has already passed the tests on the European gateway.

Now four pieces are missing from the appeal. First: a government measure that establishes the functioning of the green pass and who is authorized to control it. Second: an update of the apps on which the digital certificate will be loaded, that is Io (for public administration services) and Immuni (for contact tracing). The choice of the latter has been criticized by several parties because it would associate a nominal document with an application designed to be anonymous. Third: the release of the verification app. The one that, for example, the police at the border will use to check that the green pass is authentic and valid. Four: coordination with the Regions to establish practical guidelines and applications to make the document available.

The app for verifying the green pass

The apps for the green pass

From Brussels they say that, as far as Immuni, Me and the verification app are concerned, it's a matter of days. The latter, moreover, is based on software made available by the Commission for all countries. Its function is to read the qr code of the green pass (both on the digital version and on the paper version) and turn on the green light, if it finds a match, or red if the document is not valid.

This verification it does not involve downloading personal information, they explain from Brussels, but only a public key that connects, through the gateway installed in the Commission's data center in Luxembourg, to the individual national databases. That is to the archives, where, at the time of vaccination or testing, all the information that the pass reports is placed. As confirmed to Wired by the Ministry of Technological Innovation, the verification app will be available on the app stores and anyone can download it. However, the government provision will determine who is authorized to ask to show the green pass for control and the contexts in which it is necessary (it is discussed, for example, to introduce it for concerts or wedding banquets). The presence of the verification app on the stores would simplify the distribution process.

Not in no particular order

A fixed point serves to clarify the rules and methods of access. The green pass can be exhibited in paper form, downloading it independently from the apps themselves or from the health file, as some Regions plan to do. Or, get it from a pharmacy or a general practitioner. In the past few hours, the Privacy Guarantor has had to take pen and paper back to bring order to local initiatives. He rejected the use of the smart card by the Campania Region. And the ordinance of the autonomous province of Bolzano is under review, which expands the places accessible only on condition of showing the green pass.

Prevent the authorities from moving in no particular order. This is the objective of the Commission itself, which with the green pass plans to standardize national procedures. States, however, can maintain additional restrictions as long as they inform the Community authorities and provide supporting data. For example, those who show up with a tampon may be asked to make another one during their stay abroad. And there is still no consensus on the temporal validity of the document with respect to vaccination (and only for vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency). The horizon is 6-8 months, close to the nine set by Italy in the decree of 19 May. Just as, even at a European level, one could marry the Rome line of recognizing the pass to those who have made a single injection of the dual-administration vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca) after 15 days have elapsed from the inoculation.

These are topics on which Brussels is waiting. On the one hand, because a year of pandemic has taught us that science must be given time to take stock (for example, on the duration of vaccination coverage). On the other hand, because now the urgency is to save the summer season and the tourism industry. The rest will be dealt with later.

Extra-EU contacts

The green pass (which, let us remember, is the one issued by the national health authorities and is recognized at European level) is not a standard that has an expiration date. The Commission has invested 45 million for IT development, entrusted to the IT multinational Sap and T-System, the software arm of the German telephone company Deutsche Telekom, and 100 million for the purchase of pads to be distributed among the states. Brussels is also donating disinfection robots to hospitals at the forefront of the pandemic. 9 have already been distributed in Italy, 12 will arrive by and another dozen are looking for candidates.

Brussels has also initiated contacts with Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to discover the green system pass, which - it should be specified - does not replace travel documents and only serves to avoid entry restrictions, including certificates issued by these states. Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, despite being outside the Union, are already in the gateway.

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