The LEGO Marvel # 76178 Daily Bugle set is already on sale for VIP users

The LEGO Marvel # 76178 Daily Bugle set is already on sale for VIP users

"Bring me a picture of Spider-Man" is the catchphrase of Jonah J. Jameson that the LEGO Group has chosen to announce the imminent arrival on the physical and virtual shelves of the new, impressive LEGO Marvel set # 76178 Daily Bugle, the direct model slightly gigantic of the Daily Bugle directed by the tyrannical J. Jonah Jameson and under which our amiable neighborhood Spider-Man works when he plays the role of photographer Peter Parker. Designed for an audience of adult builders, fans of the brick and the stories of the House of Ideas or simple NERD collectors of everything related to the Marvel universe, it earns the highest LEGO Marvel set ever made, with its 82 cm of heights that are built thanks to the 3,772 pieces that are part of it.

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The offices of the Daily Bugle and the building that houses them first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man comic series more than 50 years ago, in 1963. It is the workplace of Peter Parker, id Ben Urich, Betty Brant's Robbie Robertson and the very director JJJ himself! It was in that first story that the famous phrase Bring me some Spider-Man pictures was uttered!

After finally unveiling the new sets dedicated to the Infinity Saga of the Avengers and those dedicated to the forthcoming film starring the oriental hero of Shang-Chi, preceded by sets that reproduce the heads of Carnage and Venom, also on the big screen in the fall in the film Venom: The Fury of Carnage, is now the turn of the iconic newspaper palace that certainly cannot be said to be on the side of our Spidey.

It all started last Friday, when the image of an elusive front page of the newspaper was published on the official social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) of the LEGO Group with a whole series of articles inside. dedicated to Spider-Man, in which obviously he is always indicated as responsible for some wrongdoing ... on the other hand we all know what the editorial policy of the editor-in-chief JJJ is. Let's see it together.

“Spider-Man turns out to be the leader of a criminal gang” on page 7 “Carnage on the streets of New York?” on page 12 "Spider-Man leads the attack on the Daily Bugle" is the scream in the center of the first page "Mysterio to the rescue. A group of brave heroes come together to save the Bugle from Spider-Man's threat ", full story on page 4" A feline invasion in New York City could lead to catastrophe "is the title of a long article on page 20 Instead, today is the official announcement of the new LEGO Marvel # 76178 Daily Bugle set containing the description of all the features of the set, including the list of minifigures included (which will delight all collectors of small Marvel characters both for choice of subjects that by quantity) and with all the information of the product soon on sale such as price, availability etc. Let's find out the details of the contents of this set.

The new set # 76181 Daily Bugle

The model of the Daily Bugle that can be created by building the new LEGO Marvel set # 76178 Daily Bugle is incredibly detailed both inside and outside. It is spread over 4 floors and includes the front sidewalk, the back alley and even a newsstand next to the entrance to the building, a typical New York taxi and Spider-Man's car. The interior of the model, on the other hand, is modular, i.e. it is possible to remove walls and separate the various floors from each other to be able to play inside or to reproduce one of the many scenes seen in the various universes in which Spider-Man lived his adventures. br>
And more. The front façade has been designed in such a way that the effects of an explosion occurring in the hallway of the main entrance can be simulated, just as the editorial offices on the first floor have been faithfully reproduced, with desks, computers, monitors and displays. for news but also the break room with vending machines, donuts and other snacks.

Moving to the second floor, we find the evil Green Goblin flying in and out of his glider in Peter Parker's office where his camera lies waiting for the next story. Finally, on the top floor are the offices of Betty Brant and J. Jonah Jameson.

The details don't stop at the building, as the LEGO Marvel # 76178 Daily Bugle set includes twenty-five (yes, you read well, 25) minifigures: in addition to various versions of Peter Parker (Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham) and Peter Parker himself, we find those of various among his friends and enemies: Fire Star, Blade, Doc Octopus, J . Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Venom and Carnage, Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy, The Punisher, Spider-Gwen, Black Cat, Robbie Robertson, Ben Urich, Mysterio, Daredevil, the Sandman, Aunt May, the newsagent , the New York taxi driver and a receptionist.

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Returning to the set, it must be said that yes it is a real modular style building consisting of 3 floors and resembling in some ways the recent LEGO Ninjago set # 71741 Ninjago Gardens (we talked about it in this article), complete with a buildable fire escape and the iconic red color, typical of the many films set in New York that we have all certainly seen. Not only, as mentioned above, it is modular inside to be able to access it better and make the gaming experience more engaging, but it is also modular in the sense that the typical 1 × 2 bricks with pin holes have been included in the base. Technic, thanks to which it will be possible to combine the Daily Bugle building with the other modular buildings of the Creator Expert line, thus making the building an integral part of our brick cities, as explained in this video-review by former LEGO designer Tiago Catarino

Staying outside, on the roof we can find the large sign with the buildable writing “Daily Bugle” and a large telecommunications antenna. Also on the outside but on the front side, we find the large display of a mega-screen that broadcasts news videos and further down, on the sidewalk, we find a buildable newsstand where copies of the newspaper are on sale. The Spider-Man buggy spider web on one side of the building enriches its look and increases its details.

As for the twenty-five minifigures included in the set, some are simply present as if they were simple characters playing, others, on the other hand, are equipped with accessories or constructible “contexts”. For example, the Doc Octopus minifigure "mounts" on its shoulders the entire structure of the robotic tentacles to which it owes its name, while that of the Sandman is complete with a buildable sand vortex from which it comes out with a threatening manner. Green Goblin flies on his iconic glider and Fire-Star is all "fire and flames". Many of the minifigures included in the set are in their debut and will certainly be the cross and delight of collectors of Marvel characters in the form of LEGO minifigures.

The LEGO Designer who designed the set, Mark Stafford, said:

“I was seven when I received my first Spider-Man comic, and I've been imagining myself making a Daily Bugle LEGO model ever since and having Spidey and his Amazing Friends in conflict with his various enemies . One of my favorite elements is the Green Goblin that flies into the building through the window. Being able to design a frozen moment of action like this in a LEGO set has always been a dream and I finally managed to make it happen! "

Info and features

Let's see together the features and “numbers” of the set.

Title: LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle Code: 76178 Age: 18+ Measurements: height 82 cm , depth 35 cm, width 27 cm Pieces: 3.772 pieces Minifigures included: 25 Price: € 299.99 Availability: on from June 1st (early availability to May 26th for LEGO VIP program members) Key Features:

The model that can be made with the set consists of 4 floors rich in details. Also includes roof and rear alley. Also part of the set are a newspaper kiosk, a typical New York taxi and Spider-Man's “buggy”.

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It's not the first time that the Daily Bugle building has been built into bricks. Of course, the predecessor was nowhere near comparable to the gigantic model presented today, but you might be interested to know that if you have a space problem for the new set, you can always ask for help in the past and go find the LEGO Marvel set # 76005. Spider-Man: Resa dei Conti at the Daily Bugle on or

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