The two Playmobil sets dedicated to Back to the Future

The two Playmobil sets dedicated to Back to the Future

The first box is on the alternative 1985 starring the Toyota pickup and the second on the hoverboard chase in 2015

(Photo: Playmobil) Playmobil is ready to launch a new pair of sets dedicated to Back to the Future. The first is called Marty McFly's Pick-up while the second is Chase on the hoverboard and they film on the one hand a scene from 1985 altered by Marty's actions and on the other hand the now iconic chase on flying skateboards in 2015. The two boxes they also contain several characters from the second chapter of Robert Zemeckis' successful series.

After the wonderful set with the iconic DeLorean of the first episode of Back to the Future, we move on to the second with a rich double set that starts from another car like the shiny black Toyota SR5 with the large rear body, the roof lights and the “mcfly85” license plate; the mini car measures 25 x 12 centimeters and can accommodate the various characters included in the box. There are three of them and dressed in perfect style with the altered 1985: there is the wealthy hour Marty McFly with his girlfriend Jennifer Parker and the antagonist Biff Tannen in green overalls, spray and cloth to polish the Toyota. There is also a collector's card. The selling price is 49.99 euros.

(Photo: Playmobil) The second box is more detailed and interesting, as well as cheaper (at a price of 34.99 euros). From the Toyota pickup we move on to other more futuristic means of transport such as the hoverboard and the aerodynamic police motorbike that the writers of the series imagined would populate 2015. To represent one of the most famous action scenes there is Marty McFly now in clothes of the future to escape on the flying skateboard from the bully Griff Tannen complete with a red club. Doc Emmett Brown also in 2015 clothes with yellow trench coat and goggles and the centaur policewoman complete the equipment.

(Photo: Playmobil) Lots of details of the second set such as the mini almanac (Grays Sports Almanac) of sports results that made Biff Tannen very rich, the poster of the Shark 19 in 3D, a collectible card, but especially the modification of the Mr. Fusion fusion generator for the DeLorean that can really be applied to the car of the first set.

The two sets will be available from May.

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