Resident Evil Village, Peter Fabiano leaves Capcom

Resident Evil Village, Peter Fabiano leaves Capcom

Resident Evil Village

Peter Fabiano, producer of Resident Evil Village and the remake of the second, historic chapter of the horror saga, has decided to leave the Japanese publisher and developer. Fabiano announced it himself, during the Italian evening on Saturday, through a very short message also revealing his next working adventure, which obviously will not be far from the world of video game development.

Peter Fabiano has started the his Capcom adventure back in 13 years ago. It was 2008 when he first set foot in the Capcom studios, starting to work on several franchises including Devil May Cry, Steet Fighter and Monster Hunter. He is best known to the public for his work in Resident Evil. He has in fact edited several chapters of the saga as a producer, including remakes, special editions and spin offs. Popularity to the general public comes with the remake of the second chapter of the series, thanks to a video posted on the Capcom channel where it examines all the improvements made to the game and also introduces the Collector’s Edition. The latest work is about Resident Evil Village, which debuted over the last few weeks: is there a better way to say goodbye?

Fabiano hasn't just worked behind the scenes on the Resident Evil series. In fact, in the seventh chapter he also lent his image to interpret Peter Walken, also comparing in the two demos of the game, that is the trial Kitchen and the more extensive trial version called Beginning Hour, but being voiced by Robert Vestal, who lent the voice. to the 3D model of the character.

Hard to write this best so I've decided to keep it simple: Thank you everyone at Capcom for allowing me to grow together with you over the past 13 years. I'm thankful and will cherish the experience forever.あ り が と う ご ざ い ま し た! フ ァ ン と し て も こ れ か ら よ ろ し く お 願 い し ま す 。1 / 2

- Peter Fabiano (@PFabiano) May 29, 2021

As announced on Twitter, Peter Fabiano will not stop working in the world of video games. After the parenthesis regarding Resident Evil and more generally his working adventure in Capcom, the developer will now start working in Bungie. The role he will cover will be that of Production Dept. Manager and it is very likely that over the next few months he will take care of Destiny 2, the only project currently known and under development at the US developer.

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‘Destiny 2’ Hires Key ‘Resident Evil’ Producer From Capcom

Destiny 2


Well, we know that Bungie has big expansion plans over the coming years, and while that means a lot of new hires, one in particular just caught my eye.

That would be Peter Fabiano, who has been at Capcom for 13 years and most recently, has been a producer/director for Resident Evil 7 and Village. You may also recognize him as the face of Peter Walken in RE7.

Fabiano announced he was leaving Capcom and heading to Bungie yesterday, and his tweets imply he may be heading straight to Destiny 2, rather than one of Bungie’s incubation projects:

This, naturally, has Destiny 2 fans’ imaginations running wild about a possibly deeper turn into horror for Destiny 2, with Bungie brining on a longtime veteran of a horror series like Resident Evil.

While obviously Fabiano doesn’t have to only make horror games, the speculation isn’t entirely unwarranted given the recent direction of Destiny. Fans were delighted with Presage, a secret mission that takes place on an infested vessel that was labeled “Ghost Ship” during Bungie’s development. It was pure horror atmosphere through and through and one of the best received pieces of the content in Destiny history, and I would not be surprised to see them do more stuff like that as a result.

Destiny concept art


Then we have, of course, The Witch Queen. That’s the upcoming expansion coming some time in early 2022, and it will have us facing off against Savathun, where the vibe of that certainly seems like it would be a bit darker than normal. The ongoing rumor is that this will take place in the drowned swamps of Old Chicago, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Regardless, wherever it is, it will no doubt be “spooky.”

Obviously Witch Queen has been the works for some time already, so it’s unknown if Fabiano would be working on that or something else in the future in his new role. And even though he tweeted “Eyes up Guardian,” I suppose he could end up on a different, non-Destiny project. Though I kind of doubt it.

Regardless, I think it’s an exciting hire, and while it’s no guarantee, I do hope that it’s a signal that Bungie is leaning more toward continuing to go the horror route in Destiny 2, as that’s been well-received so far and there’s a lot of potential there for further expansion, especially in The Witch Queen and beyond. We’ll have to stay tuned for more word on Fabiano’s new role and what exactly he might be working on.

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