Horizon Zero Dawn: competition + review of the comic sun hawk

Horizon Zero Dawn: competition + review of the comic sun hawk

Horizon Zero Dawn

For a long time, the comics for the Sony action RPG hit Horizon: Zero Dawn were only available in English and recently even received a sequel. Now the Cross-Cult-Verlag is bringing out the first comics Horizon: Zero dawn - however translated into German as an anthology and the follow-up series is to follow soon. Sonnehabicht is available both in a normal edition for 15 euros and as a limited hardcover edition for 30 euros. However, you may not have to spend any money on the fancy comic band, because Cross Cult kindly provided us with five issues for a competition.

Review & competition for HZD: Sonnenhabicht

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Review of Horizon: Zero Dawn - Sun hawk

The story of the sun hawk takes place after the final battle of the main game, but Aloy is not in here Focus, but her ally Talanah Khane Padish, who, with Aloy's help, did away with the red throat and was therefore named the sun hawk, the head of the hunter's lodge. When Aloy disappears after the battle for Meridian, Talanah faces the machines in the area alone and on top of that has to deal with rebellious hunters who do not want to abide by the rules of the lodge.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Competition and review of the comic sun hawk (1) Source: Cross Cult An order finally takes Talanah far away from Meridian and she comes across a special machine that seems to be purposefully hunting down hunters. But the machine is not Talanah's biggest problem, because it encounters the lawless hunters as well as a mysterious stranger and is also embroiled in a story from Meridian's past. It's pretty stressful for Talanah, but for us readers it's a lot of fun.

You can tell at any time that it is not a cheap rip-off that only exists to squeeze even more money out of the brand. The comic book is an absolutely successful addition to the story and world of the game. Writer Anne Toole was already heavily involved in the story of the game Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now € 22.42 / € 44.99), so it is noticeably easy for her to knit another story in this universe. Fans of the game get new backgrounds to Meridian and the war of the old Sun King. In addition, Talanah illuminates an interesting character who was a little neglected in the game.

Just like in the video game, the sun hawk also has the right balance between story and action. The battles against the machines are wonderfully captured by the illustrator Ann Maulina and colorist Bryan Valenza, who really understand how to bring the design of Horizon: Zero Dawn into comic form. It's also great that Cross Cult didn't skimp on paper. The pages are nice and thick, which makes the comic feel really valuable even in the normal edition. Here, too, fans get their money's worth.

If you haven't played the game, you will have problems following the action despite some explanations. Another small point of criticism: The story expands the HZD universe well, but it is told in a somewhat erratic fashion. In the middle part there is a part that seems strangely squeezed in and is therefore a little confusing. Otherwise, however, the hawk is completely successful and shows that comics for video games do not have to be cheap B-goods.

Competition for Horizon: Zero Dawn

Should you after our review of the comic If you want to read the sun hawk yourself, you can of course order the volume on the Cross Cult website or you can take part in our competition, because the publisher kindly provided us with five editions of the limited hardcover edition for a raffle. Just answer the question below. We will raffle a copy of the comic five times among those submissions in which the question is answered correctly. The closing date for entries is June 14, 2021, 12 noon.

Question about the competition

What is the name of the protagonist of the comic Horizon: Zero Dawn?

a) Savannah b) Moana c) Talanah d) Ingeborg Competition is loading ... The competition will run from May 2, 2021, 3:00 p.m. through June 14, 2021, 12:00 p.m. You can participate during this period. The winners will be drawn at random on June 14th and then notified via the email address provided. So please check your spam folder too!

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