The most powerful water pistol in the world

The most powerful water pistol in the world

Spyra Two looks like something out of Fortnite: it uses the battery and small internal motor to fill the tank by itself and shoot sprays in bursts

(Photo: Spyra) The most powerful water pistol in the world welcomes its second version and it looks like something out of Fortnite: Spyra Two is compact and colorful, it incorporates a battery and a small motor that powers the system to quickly fill the tank and then shoot in bursts of sprays even very far away. An unmissable tool for professionals of summer battles on beaches, pools and parties.

The first Spyra water pistol had attracted attention for its attractive design and tech equipment. The second version goes further and after a triumphal fundraiser on Kickstarter is now ready to debut in view of the summer of 2021. The improvements of the new generation are clear: it is activated in just 1.1 seconds from the previous 1.5, it covers a standard range of 9 meters (instead of 8) that reaches 14 meters (up from 12) with maximum power and maintaining a 45 degree angle of the barrel.

Sacrifice a little to offer more power of capacity as the tank drops from 750 to 600 milliliters, but the internal pump can fill up in 12 instead of 14 seconds, so as not to waste too much time if surrounded by crossed launches of water balloons. Unlike the classic water pistols, which must be immersed in the sea or in the pool using the hand pump or opening the cap, Spyra Two refills by immersing the mouth and activating the internal motor, which promises up to 90 refills, just enough to 2000 jets of water, compared to 45 and 1125 for the first model. The battery recharges like a smartphone, via usb type-c.

Thanks to the internal compression system, the gun creates real water bullets - the equivalent of a full glass - naturally not dangerous and painful if hit. All very nice, but there is a detail to keep in mind: Spyra Two is not at all light and if left to soak on its own it can sink. The price to pay - in addition to the 159 euro price tag - if you want the state of the art of water pistols.

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