Japan's government offices were the victim of a hacker attack

Japan's government offices were the victim of a hacker attack

Several Japanese government agencies and an airport have been stolen by cybercriminals who have successfully hacked into Fujitsu's corporate software. It is still unclear who the culprits are

(photo: Peter Kneffel / picture alliance via Getty Images) Cybercriminals have breached and compromised the computer systems of Japanese government offices using Fujitsu's ProjectWeb information sharing tool.

ProjectWeb is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for file sharing within a company provided by the Japanese technology giant. The same Japanese company then confirmed the actual security breach that allowed the attackers to steal some data belonging to the affected government agencies.

The data breach notice published by Fujitsu reads: “The the extent and cause of this incident are currently being investigated and operations via ProjectWeb have been suspended to prevent further unauthorized access. ”

Data stolen by cybercriminals includes government employee and contractor data who have collaborated with the government over the years. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport confirmed that the attack allowed hackers to get their hands on 76,000 email addresses belonging to employees and business partners.

The ministry, the cabinet secretariat and the Narita airport are some of the agencies affected by the attack, but the dynamics of which are not yet known precisely, nor have the authorities yet been able to identify the attackers.

These violations, however, come as a result of similar attacks suffered by the same Japanese government agencies at the beginning of the year. The difference, however, lies in the fact that previous intrusion attempts targeted Soliton's FileZen file sharing servers, widely used by Japanese government agencies. On that occasion, the hackers were able to access a shared archive used by the staff of the office of the Japanese Prime Minister's cabinet.

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