What are the transactions at risk for cashback

What are the transactions at risk for cashback

The hunt is on for the verification of "anomalous" transactions, to track down the crafty ones who have resorted to tricks to increase the number of payments made

The Cashback occurs on the Io app by PagoPa (photo PagoPa) first half of the state cashback program is nearing the final rush. June is the last month of the first official edition, after the running-in one that took place with the Christmas cashback, and the race for reimbursement could reserve some surprises right in the queue. In fact, checks have been made on the “anomalous transactions”, which seem to have been carried out only to increase the number of valid payments to win above all the super cashback of 1,500 euros reserved for the 100 thousand users with the highest number of transactions. The "basic return" of 10% (up to 150 euros) on the total spent is assigned to all those who reach or exceed 50 transactions in the time frame in question.

The "recurring" payments, of "negligible amount" and made in "large numbers at the same merchant on the same day": this is what an official message sent to users in these days explains. From the earliest times, the symbolic case of nighttime micro-refueling of petrol broke out, carried out repeatedly to trivially increase the number of operations recorded by the PagoPa platform. This is the only metric of the cashback program, which counts traceable electronic payments, as long as the merchant's circuit is registered to join the initiative.

The mini-transactions considered "abusive" operations will therefore not be considered as purchases and will be reversed, unless the actual object of the purchase can be demonstrated, explains the Ansa agency, with seven days of time to prove this is a mistake. Given the vulnerability profiles of the measure and the expenditure that it implies, 4.75 billion euros for the two-year period 2021-22 allocated by the Conte bis government, the program has been repeatedly considered at risk of cancellation or downsizing, perhaps with a stop brought forward precisely to June.

So far it has passed unscathed from the Sostegni decree and the various budget differences, but the first results will be monitored by the Draghi government. State cashback, one of the Cashless Italia initiatives to promote the spread of electronic payments in the fight against tax evasion, registered 16 million payment systems on the Io app, which refer to 8.6 million citizens participating in the program. To date, the 100,000th user in the ranking has performed 463 transactions in five months.

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