Instagram tweaked its algorithm after allegations of censorship of pro-Palestine posts

Instagram tweaked its algorithm after allegations of censorship of pro-Palestine posts

Instagram AI has proven biased towards posts from certain minorities, forcing the platform to inadvertently hide pro-Palestine posts. Now the social network tries to find a new square

(photo: Pixabay) Instagram made some changes to its algorithm after a group of its own employees pointed out that pro-Palestine content was often not visible on the social network network, accusing Facebook AI of discriminating against people of Muslim faith. According to a group of employees of the social network, Instagram's automatic moderation systems have mistakenly censored pro-Palestinian posts. This censorship, however involuntary, according to the accusers would be attributable to the fact that "large-scale moderation is prevented against any marginalized group".

Menlo Park has run for cover: if it first brought out the posts which it considered most important for its users by giving priority to original content and penalizing repost, especially those of the topics it saw as more niche, now the social network will begin to give equal weight to all points of view on any topic, giving the same visibility to original posts and republished content.

Before these criticisms, at the beginning of the month, Instagram was also the protagonist of another episode that had seen the social network accused of not allowing users to publish pro-Palestinian posts.

Yesterday we experienced a technical bug, which impacted millions of people's stories, highlights and archives around the world. For people impacted by this bug, they saw their stories that were re-sharing posts disappear and their archive and highlights stories were missing.

- Adam Mosseri 😷 (@mosseri) May 7, 2021

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, at that juncture had apologized and explained that it was a technical bug and not an attempt at censorship. But it wasn't enough to avoid the controversy.

Now the social network will take a step back from its decision to limit reposting as much as possible, it was said. According to an Instagram spokesperson, users continue to prefer views of Stories and original posts rather than repurposed content: therefore the platform will have to find a solution to convey original content through new tools.

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