The most important Italian conference dedicated to cybersecurity is back

The most important Italian conference dedicated to cybersecurity is back

From 7 to 9 April online the appointments dedicated to IT security, telecommunications, digital threats and new forms of protection

Itasec 2021 Itasec21 at the starting line: the fifth edition of the main conference will be held from 7 to 9 April national information security, for the first time entirely online.

The final program of the event has been approved, available on the official website, which will include important guests and numerous occasions in which to discuss and discuss the main issues related to the world of IT security, from cyber diplomacy to the removal of gender barriers. The event, the last edition of which took place in 2020 in Ancona, will again be attended by representatives of institutions, academia and industry, for a unique and transversal discussion on the challenges of digitization and on Italy's role in in front of them.

Itasec21 is organized by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory of CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) and will be broadcast free in streaming in order to favor the widest dissemination of the topics covered.

Organized in several parallel paths, Itasec21 will see the experts of international diplomacy, aerospace security and the European cybersecurity landscape alternate on the main stage - the Stakeholder space - in a series of events that offer the opportunity to understand the delicate issue of cybersecurity from several points of view. On the same day, April 8, Doctor Nunzia Ciardi, director of the Postal Police, will also speak with a presentation on the impact of Covid-19 in the field of cybercrime. And this is only the first of two days of initiatives: on April 9, some of the leading international 5G experts will be at home on the stage of Itasec21 for a meeting on telecommunications security (to be held in English), in one day where the issues of the human role in IT security and gender divisions in the IT sector will also be explored, thanks to an event coordinated by the CyberEquality working group of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory, born in 2020 to identify and develop targeted initiatives on the topic . Also this year Itasec will host a space in which to do the p oint on the national cyber perimeter, thanks to the presence of the Deputy Director General of Dis (Information Department for the security of the republic), Prof. Roberto Baldoni.

Nell '' wide range of events in the Stakeholder space are also hosted the Vision speeches of the Platinum sponsor companies of Itasec21 (Accenture, aizoOn, Blu5 group, Bv Tech, Cisco, Exabeam, Exprivia, Leonardo, Microsoft Italia and Minsait), which, together with the sponsors Gold and Silver (7Layers, Huawei and Tiesse as Gold, Cybertech and Hermes bay as Silver), offer a unique look at the world of cybersecurity from the point of view of business and the opportunities of protecting IT assets as an enabling tool for economic development. The meetings will be presented, among others, by journalists Alessia Valentini (Cybersecurity 360), Sonia Montegiove (Il Messaggero) and Luca Zorloni (Wired Italia).

The meetings of the Workshop, Scientific track and Vendor session, where they find space on the economics of IT security, on the future role of quanta in the protection of digital infrastructures, on the security of mobile devices, on the analysis of anomalies and on the protection of industrial plants.

Particularly expected are the interventions of some of the leading experts in the digital world, who will hold presentations of singular prestige at Itasec21. Among these Lujo Bauer, professor of the Institute for software research of Carnegie Mellon University and Luciano Floridi, professor of Sociology of communication at the University of Bologna, respectively on 8 and 9 April, in the Scientific track.

Workshop, Scientific track and Vendor session will also allow the active participation of the public through the Webex platform, upon registration on the official website of the event. In any case, all the tracks will be accompanied by a Slack channel, through which it will be possible to comment, submit reflections and ask questions to moderators and guests.

And again: artificial intelligence, privacy and startup, in three days of events chosen to offer the widest range of knowledge and skills to Italy that looks to the future. A special space will be dedicated to journalists, who will be able to follow the source protection and data breach communication course (both from a journalistic point of view and from the point of view of the press office), created thanks to the media partnership of Itasec21 with Wired and to the support of the Umbrian Order of Journalists, which sponsors the initiative (in this regard, it is also possible to register via the Sigef platform for the validation of training credits).

"Stopping a moment to reread the program , after months of invitations, emails, remote meetings and discussions, I think we can say that Itasec21 will be an event particularly rich in meetings and opportunities - comments Paolo Prinetto, director of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory - From the choice of speakers to that of the workshops and of the presentations, we have tried to build a path capable of touching all the themes of digitization, of which we have seen an imposition in the last year rtante surge. Although unfortunately online, due to health restrictions, we are convinced that we can still build a space for aggregation and comparison, which has been Itasec's own since its first edition. And we are sure that those who want to follow us will find useful information, scenarios and knowledge that can help all of us to orient ourselves in the future, so inextricably linked to digital that permeates every space, computer and physical ".

The complete program and the registration form for the paths that allow public access via Webex are available at

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