Apex Legends: Season 9 is about to start - activation, patch notes for the update

Apex Legends: Season 9 is about to start - activation, patch notes for the update

Apex Legends

The activation of the Apex Legends Season 9 "Legacy" is imminent: It will start on May 4th. In a current blog entry, the developers of Respawn Entertainment go into the patch notes - and thus present the individual changes and innovations that come with the new season in the battle royale shooter. One of the highlights is the new 3-on-3 mode arenas. Cards such as party crashers and phase runners are waiting for you in it. In each round, teams can select a new loadout and thus constantly adapt their tactics. You also collect manufacturing material that you invest in upgrades between rounds. Arenas also offers dedicated events and prizes, and helps you earn Battle Pass levels.

With Valkyrie, a new legend is also making its debut. A jetpack is one of her special features, with which she can circle the battlefield. It also uses a swarm of missiles that injure and irritate the enemy. With her ultimate ability, Valkyrie can also catapult herself into the air, bringing the entire squad to safety.

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Apex Legends: Leak reveals the new heroine's abilities

In the game data of Apex Legends, dataminers have found new information about the abilities of the next heroine. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371217,1370804,1368918,1370543'; A new weapon is waiting for you in Season 9 "Legacy" in Apex Legends (buy now € 29.52). With the Bocek bow you cause enormous damage to opponents. However, good timing is required for the shots; you can charge shots for maximum efficiency. The effectiveness can also be increased through the two adjustment slots. "Hell's Tempo" allows you to draw the bow faster if you fire at perfect speed. "Splinter points", in turn, split arrows after they have been fired and turn them into a kind of shotgun load. "On Olympus, an abandoned ship with a parasitic plant of unknown origin landed on board. The plague expands the arena in the sky with new jumping zones, changed lines of sight and more," the developers write. Bug fixes, optimizations and other improvements are also in the patch notes. The full list with all changes can be found on the EA website.

Apex Legends Season 9 is adding a new game mode and character

Apex Legends is entering Season 9 with two big changes: a round-based 3v3 mode and a new character.

Oscar-winning developer Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends exclusively as a battle royale but that’s about to change in Season 9, which is branded as Apex Legends: Legacy. Legacy will be permanently adding a 3v3 gameplay mode called Arenas.

The mechanics are familiar enough to anyone who’s played round-based shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six: Siege. At the beginning of each round, you buy your respective loadouts with materials which you can earn more of throughout the match. You only get one life per round and the objective is simple: kill the other team before they kill you.

Along with the upcoming Arena mode is a new legend, Valkyrie. Long-time fans of Respawn Entertainment games are particularly excited about this new character because Valkyrie is both a thematic and mechanical throwback to the beloved Titanfall series, a cult classic action game featuring Call of Duty style shooting, parkour and mechas.

Apex Legends is a sort of pseudo-sequel to Titanfall. It takes place in the same universe as Titanfall, set decades after the events of Titanfall 2, but plays very differently. The game got rid of Titanfall’s iconic parkour and titans (the aforementioned mechas) since Respawn deemed it too messy for a battle royale game.

As a character, Valkyrie is the closest link to the two franchises to date. In Valkyrie’s story trailer, it’s revealed that she’s the daughter of Viper, a titan pilot and famed member of the Apex Predators mercenary group. During the events of Titanfall 2, IMC soldier Jack Cooper kills Viper in a titan duel.

Valkyrie tracks down Kuben Blisk, the former leader of the Apex Predators and creator of the Apex Games, the grand tournament which is the basis of Apex Legends. After recovering her father’s helmet, Valkyrie salvages the pieces of her father’s Northstar titan to forge a personal suit of armor to use in the Apex Games.

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Reddit with abuzz with the news, which was received positively among fans of the game.

“This game does not stop being fresh,” one Reddit user wrote.

“They just went above and beyond with this season,” another user wrote. “While in warzone, they took more than a year to facelift a map, while in apex every season has updated or new map.”

“This opens up a WHOLE NEW POSSIBILITY for awesome 3v3 tournaments on high level play,” yet another user wrote. “I’M SO HYPED FOR THIS. SKINS ARE LIT TOO.”

Apex Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch for free. Apex Legends: Legacy (or Season 9) will be launching on May 4.

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