The very expensive NFT of the Disaster Girl meme has been sold

The very expensive NFT of the Disaster Girl meme has been sold

Disaster Girl, the meme that portrays a little girl with a smirk in front of a burning house, has raised $ 500,000 in its "original version" auctioned off

The Disaster Girl meme Another hugely popular meme is was auctioned off as Nft. This time it was Disaster Girl's turn: the protagonist of the photo that portrays a little girl with a smirk in front of a burning house, Zoë Roth, sold the original photo as NFT for a value of 180 ether, which converted correspond to almost 500 thousand dollars.

The acronym Nft stands for Not-Fugible Token, a system that allows the sale of unique digital objects in order to keep track, through the blockchain, of the real owner of the original image. If there can therefore be thousands of Disaster Girl photographs on the web but only one - the NFT to be precise - will be considered the original.

Interviewed by the New York Times, Roth stated that he will use part of the proceeds to pay off his student loans and the rest will be donated to charity. In this case, as happens in many art sales through NFT, the girl has retained ownership of the copyright of the image which will earn her 10% of any future sale of the NFT in question.

Disaster Girl isn't the first meme to be auctioned. Before this image, other web pearls such as Nyan Cat, sold for an amount equal to 839 thousand dollars; the pixelated glasses of the “Deal With it” which have already seen several owners and which currently have a value of around 42 thousand dollars; the original image of the Bad Luck Brian meme sold by the protagonist of the shot, Kyle Craven, for $ 36,000 or the Overly Attaches Girlfriend meme sold by the protagonist of the photo, Latina Morris, for $ 411,000.

Disaster Girl's NFT was bought by 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio that previously managed to get its hands on the Overly Attaches Girlfriend meme and many other NFTs. “Our management team is always in collaboration with some highly competent and experienced artistic consultants. They believe we must make choices that help us not only promote our business, but also support artists and the art market, ”a spokesperson for the studio told the New York Times.

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