Green pass approved to return to travel to Europe without restrictions during the pandemic

Green pass approved to return to travel to Europe without restrictions during the pandemic

It will be called the Eu Covid-19 Certificate, it will last a maximum of 12 months, it will not be considered a travel document and will not constitute a precondition for moving within the European Union. The personal data reported on the certificates will not be stored in the countries of arrival or by a centralized database

The European Parliament room in Strasbourg (photo: Paolo Giandotti - Press and Communication Office of the Presidency of the Republic / LaPresse ) The European Parliament has approved the certificate, proposed by the European Commission, to return to travel without restrictions within the Union. It will be called Eu Covid-19 Certificate and will include tests, recovery certificates and only vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency (Ema). The measure approved by parliament also asks member countries to guarantee free tests and establishes the limit of validity of the measure at 12 months and no more.

The proposal was approved with 540 votes in favor, 119 against and 31 abstentions. After this step, negotiations can begin with the rotating presidency to make the instrument active by June. The certificates, in digital or paper format, will certify the state of health relating to Covid-19 of European citizens and citizens, but will neither serve as a travel document nor will they become a precondition for moving between the territories of the Union. Member states will have to accept all certifications issued within the territory of the Union, concerning people who have received a vaccine authorized by the EMA. While the national authorities were left with the option of deciding whether or not to accept vaccination certificates for vaccines listed by WHO for emergency use.

To avoid discrimination, the hemicycle has established that European countries should "guarantee universal, accessible, timely and free tests" to all people who need them. Anyone in possession of an EU Covid-19 Certificate will not be subject to travel restrictions, such as quarantine, self-isolation or further testing. Furthermore, to guarantee the respect and protection of personal data, no information contained in the certificate will be archived by the countries of destination and neither will a central database be established at European level. All the entities that will hold and receive the data will be made public in a general list made available by the European institutions, so that citizens can exercise their data protection rights, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation. br>

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