There will be limited stocks of Macs and iPads in the second half of the year

There will be limited stocks of Macs and iPads in the second half of the year

This was admitted by Tim Cook during the meeting for the announcement of the financial results of the second quarter of 2021

(Photo: Apple) It was one of the most popular forecasts and now the confirmation from the CEO has also arrived from Apple, Tim Cook: during the second half of 2021 it is more than likely that there will be problems with limited stocks of the various Macbook and iPad models due to the known difficulty in supplying the chips.

The number one of the Californian company highlighted how the problem is more than concrete by answering a question received at the end of the announcement of Apple's (record) financial results in the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 which ended on March 27, 2021. What we owe expect us, in practice?

You shouldn't envisage a scenario like that of the new generation Ps5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles which are nowhere to be found or the continuous sold out of the most perforated graphics cards manti, whose stocks are literally torn apart by cryptocurrency miners. However, it will not be so obvious to connect to the Apple Store or other retailers and find the desired model immediately. It will be probable that the expectations of availability and then of shipping will expand significantly compared to today.

The chip shortage is one of the big problems of 2020/21 and one of the most evident consequences of the impact of Covid-19 in the industrial sector with the demand significantly exceeding the supply. And Apple has to deal with a huge demand from users, starting with the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro of the new generation which could debut with not excessive stocks, mainly due to the mini-LED display technology, still well far from mass production. It will also be a fight to pre-order for the new iMacs with M1 chips, with stocks likely to be exhausted in a short time. And it is immediate to imagine how much the scalpers, that is the touts of ecommerce, are already rubbing their hands.

Meanwhile, Apple is already working at full capacity on the next generation of M2 chips that should appear at the end of the year perhaps on a new MacBook Pro. And even in this case it is difficult to imagine a debut with abundant stocks.

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