The end of the protected energy market has been postponed for a year

The end of the protected energy market has been postponed for a year

The Milleproroghe decree moves the date to January 1, 2023. The social bonuses for the bills of families in economic difficulty become automatic

(Photo: Getty Images) Yet another postponement for the end of the protected energy market: the the countdown for users who have yet to switch to the free market will end in just under two years. The Milleproroghe decree, recently approved by the Chamber and the Senate, postponed the termination of the protection regime in the gas market for small end customers by exactly one year, setting it on January 1, 2023. Timer re-aimed at the same date also for the end of the protected electricity regime, for micro-enterprises and domestic customers.

The first mechanisms of transition to the free market have already been activated since January 1st for others categories, such as SMEs (10-50 employees) and for some types of micro-enterprises. The Milleproroghe decree also extends the incentives provided for by the 2019 budget law for biogas-powered electricity production plants, with a power not exceeding 300 kilowatts, built by agricultural entrepreneurs at the service of business processes and with specific requirements.

Automatic social bonus for water, electricity and gas

Another novelty concerning consumers is the possibility for families with an Isee not exceeding 8,265 euros to obtain automatic recognition of social discount bonuses for water, electricity and gas bills. The catchment area estimated by the Regulatory Authority (Arera) is 2.6 million eligible nuclei, which will be able to overcome the old mechanism of bonuses on request. It will be enough to fill in the Single Substitute Declaration (Dsu) once a year, for the purposes of the ISEE, to obtain the expected reduction. Inps will automatically send the information to the Integrated Information System, which will be able to cross-reference the data with those of the electricity, gas and water supply managers competent for the area.

Each bonus will have a duration of 12 months. starting from the date of admission to the reduction and each family can have a discount for each type of electricity, gas, water service. Large families with at least four dependent children and ISEE not exceeding 20 thousand euros, or holders of income or citizenship pension, are also eligible for the bonus.

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