Monster Hunter Rise: what are the Thread Bugs and how are they used?

Monster Hunter Rise: what are the Thread Bugs and how are they used?

Monster Hunter Rise

One of the most impactful and appreciated introductions of Monster Hunter Rise is the so-called Filoinsetto (or rather, Insetti Filo) which will allow you to obtain considerable advantages both during exploration and in combat, opening new paths in the first case and giving you the possibility to unleash fast and dynamic attacks in the second case.

During your hunting and exploration sessions you will be able to carry a total of two basic Wire Insects, plus one more that can be added to your personal supply after being recovered during the exploration, for a maximum of three Wire Insects, whose availability will be indicated by the icons in the lower center of the screen.

Each time you perform an action that requires the consumption of one or more insects, such as a dodge, a jump or a particular attack, a number of icons corresponding to the number of thread insects used will be replaced by an empty indicator, which it will then begin to fill up automatically. Most actions with Thread Bugs require only one, while for others it will be necessary to use two of them to perform the same action. Below is the wire insect controls, on you will also find the Monster Hunter Rise controls guide.

Wire insect controls

With weapon not equipped Press ZL + A: project the character forward (in the same direction it is facing); allows quick repositioning on the field Press ZL + X: projects the character diagonally upwards; allows you to dodge enemy attacks directed towards the ground Press ZL + ZR: projects the character in the direction indicated by the aiming reticle; allows much more precise movements With unequipped weapon in mid-air

Press ZL + X: projects the character in the direction he is facing; allows you to stay in midair for longer Press ZL + A: projects the character diagonally downwards; allows you to quickly return to the ground Press A, then move the left stick + press B: allows the character to hang in midair and calmly choose a direction towards which to project himself later Combat Actions

Press ZL + X or A: Activate floss attacks with melee weapons Press R + X or A: Activate floss attacks with ranged weapons More Actions

Press ZL + B: Allows the character to reposition himself quickly after having been hit Press ZL + X or A: allows the character to run along a wall for a certain period of time The thread insect (Insetto Filo) is therefore an object that allows players to gain extreme mobility and rapidity of action , in order to gain significant advantages both during exploration and in combat. Remember to also check out our Monster Hunter Rise guide with basic tips and tricks for anyone new to the game.

Monster Hunter Rise’ Is A Monster On Nintendo Switch, 4 Million Shipped In Three Days

Monster Hunter Rise


It takes a lot for Capcom to agree that one of its games has launched well, in this age of extremely high standards for AAA game sales, but Monster Hunter Rise appears to have met that mark, and then some.

Capcom says that Monster Hunter Rise has hit 4 million units shipped, meaning it’s not sell-through, but that’s how most metrics are measured these days. It’s not a franchise record because Monster Hunter World in 2018 shipped 5 million units in its first three days, but there’s a key distinction.

The Rise numbers are only for Nintendo Switch, a single platform, while the Monster Hunter World numbers were for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (PC came later). So with that in context, it seems like Rise is probably doing even better.

Monster Hunter may not get as much press as some of the other big video game series out there, but it’s one of the largest in the world, with something close to 70 million in lifetime sales for the franchise, and Rise looking to significantly add to that total.

Currently, there are no plans for Monster Hunter Rise to make it to PlayStation or Xbox, but it is supposed to come to PC some time in “early 2022,” meaning it will be Switch exclusive for quite a long time.

Monster Hunter Rise


The Nintendo Switch currently stands at about 80 million lifetime sales since 2017, meaning 5% of all Switch owners bought Monster Hunter Rise within the first three days of release, and that number will continue to climb. The game has scored well with critics and fans, and is supposed to be a solid introduction to the franchise for the uninitiated, along with a great experience for veteran players as well. It currently has an 87 on Metacritic from critics, and an unusually high 9.2 rating from fans. It’s the second highest rated Switch game of the year so far, behind only Bowser’s Fury, which is sort of cheating, given that it’s a 3D World refresh. Last year, it would have easily been in the top 10 with those scores.

The Monster Hunter franchise will continue to be a huge staple for Capcom going forward. They’ve expanded the series into film with a recent Milla Jovovich movie, and while it wasn’t terribly well received, they also made about 50 Resident Evil movies starring Milla Jovovich, so I’m expecting at least a sequel or five regardless.

Keep an eye on Monster Hunter Rise sales as I would expect it to become one of the best-selling games for the Switch in a while when all is said and done.

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