What are the rules and restrictions for Easter

What are the rules and restrictions for Easter

From lunches with relatives and friends to second homes, from travel to travel, here are the indications of the government and the measures that will blinder all of Italy in a tight lockdown

Ipa The second Easter is approaching at the time of Covid-19, with the new rules and limitations provided for by decree law number 30, approved by the Council of Ministers on March 13 last. From 3 to 5 April, in all Italian regions, the rules for the red areas will apply, but with some exceptions. Let's see in detail what they are.

Visits to relatives and friends

The decree provides that you can move to other private homes "within the same region", only once a day and respecting the curfew (from 10 pm to 5 am). A maximum of two adults per family can visit, who can bring with them children under the age of 14 and people with disabilities or non self-sufficient people. In short, the same principle adopted at Christmas.

Second homes

It will be possible to go to second homes, even if located in another region, unless more stringent local ordinances are in force . Currently, ordinances have already been issued that limit access to the region, if not in case of need, in Tuscany and Sardinia. In the Aosta Valley and South Tyrol, however, any entry into the region is prohibited for non-residents. To enter Sicily, it is necessary to have a swab with negative results within 48 hours before arrival. While in Campania all movements both in and within the regional territory are prohibited, except for reasons of necessity and only for the time strictly necessary.

Travel abroad

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about the rules for traveling abroad for tourism and whether it is possible to travel during the Easter period. In general, the foreign ministry has divided the destinations into five lists, according to the limitations and restrictions to be respected. Tourist travel is always permitted for countries on lists A, B, C and D. While it is allowed to move to the countries of list E only in case of need.

For now only San Marino and Vatican City are part of list A, where the countries that can be visited are located freely.

List B contains areas with low epidemiological risk in which one can move without motivation, but with the obligation to submit a self-declaration upon return. No country is yet on list B.

List C shows the European countries where you can go without giving reasons. However, upon returning to Italy it is mandatory to fill in a self-declaration, inform the Prevention Department of the competent Local Health Authority of your entry and undergo the swab within 48 hours of your arrival.

List D contains the low states epidemiological risk of the rest of the world in which one can go without reasons, but upon returning it is mandatory to go to one's home only by private vehicle and undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Finally, in the list E yes they find all the countries not mentioned in the other lists, where it is possible to go only in the presence of precise reasons. Upon returning to Italy, you must show a self-declaration, reach your home only by private vehicle and undergo isolation for 14 days.

These classifications, we said, are valid regardless of the Easter period, but they help to solve questions arose in recent weeks. In addition, Astoi, the association of Italian tour operators, said it had received confirmation from the Ministry of the Interior that it is possible to move to or from a red zone to reach the starting point of a tourist trip.

Rules of travel by car

It will also be possible to travel by car with people not living together, for a maximum of 3 people in total in the vehicle and wearing a mask.

Restaurants, bars and commercial activities

All catering services are closed to the public, but take-away is allowed, up to 10 pm, and home delivery without time limits. All commercial activities are also closed, with the exception of food and basic necessities shops. Access is limited to only one component per family. Tobacconists, newsstands, pharmacies and parapharmacies remain open.

Physical activity

Motor activity is allowed only in the vicinity of one's home and in individual form, with the obligation to use masks.

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