Tesla Model 3 Accessories | The best of March 2021

Tesla Model 3 Accessories | The best of March 2021

Tesla's Model 3 is a car that has conquered the market, not only for its beauty but also for its excellent performance on the road. Its success has encouraged many manufacturers to create customized Tesla Model 3 accessories, which allow each driver to improve the appearance of the passenger compartment, adding many options not included in the US manufacturer's configurator.

In this article so we explain what are the best accessories on the local market, so that you can customize your car. We have deliberately chosen Amazon as a reference point, because it allows you to purchase any product with fast shipping and ensuring adequate customer support. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the Tesla Model 3 Accessories.

The Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Wireless Charging Pad Olaike On-Board Computer Protective Film Sunshade Stickers for center console Trunk mat Interior mats Center console organizer USB-C drive

Olaike wireless charging pad

As you know, the Tesla Model 3 does not have a wireless charging pad for smartphones. For this reason we advise you to purchase a product developed by Olaike compatible with all Model 3 models prior to 2019, which allows you to recharge two smartphones at the same time, supporting a maximum power of 10 watts per side. Being a product designed to hold two devices, it boasts an anti-slip design with a small relief at the bottom. With a simple installation, this wireless charging pad is available for just over 50 euros.

Protective film for on-board computer

The huge screen placed on the dashboard of the Tesla Model 3 tends to capture fingerprints, and consequently we present a protective film. With a thickness of 0.25 mm, this film guarantees excellent resistance against scratches and bumps. It also does not affect the sensitivity of the screen. As for the installation, the manufacturer ensures that it attaches automatically and does not generate air bubbles during fixing. The selling price is expected to be around 12 euros.


A sunshade is one of the products you absolutely must own, a regardless of the car in your possession. Among the many products on Amazon, we recommend that you buy the sunshade developed by Satsat, compatible with all Tesla Model 3 models (from 2017 to 2020). The curtain in question guarantees not only thermal insulation but also protection against UV rays. Installation is also very simple, just use the special buckles to connect to the joints of the car roof.

Stickers for center console

To customize your car, however, we recommend the purchase of a kit of stickers to be applied to the plastic parts of the car. Among these, we suggest purchasing the kit proposed by Topown compatible with all models prior to 2019, which guarantees protection against scratches and bumps thanks to a thickness of 0.2 centimeters, compared to 0.1 centimeters of other competing products. The stickers in question can be used for over two years without fading or deforming to keep the center console always with a youthful touch, which never hurts.

Trunk mat

Among the many most sought-after products, net of new findings in the official statistics, there is the trunk mat designed specifically for all Tesla Model 3 models of 2018 and 2019. Yes it is an accessory made of TPO, an anti-odor material characterized by an elastic structure, resistant and easy to reuse. In addition, thanks to an anti-slip design, it prevents objects from sliding into the tub and prevents the trunk from being scratched. If you are interested, its selling price is around 100 euros.

Interior mats

Certainly you can't miss the kit of passenger compartment mats which, together with that for the trunk, definitively close the circle. It is a series of accessories equipped with an innovative three-layer structure designed to protect the interior of your vehicle with style, safety and comfort. Furthermore, the components of this kit are made with ecological materials and therefore are not harmful to human health and do not emit strange odors. All this at a super competitive price, around 115 euros.

Center console organizer

With a custom design and Made of durable ABS plastic, the organizer developed by Basenor is one of the few accessories for Tesla Model 3 to give a touch of class to your car. It boasts compartments lined with non-slip rubber that prevents items from sliding or bumping into the tray. The central tray, on the other hand, is designed to hold a large number of small items, while providing optimal visibility and access. In short, it is an uncommon product, sold at the incredible price of about 15 euros.

USB-C drive

Tesla Model 3 has an integrated dash-cam, which allows you to record videos at any time, and even to monitor the car once parked. However, you need to buy a USB Type-C stick, which is why we recommend the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go because it guarantees excellent read performance (up to 150 mb / sec). Installation is very simple, in fact you need to format the key by selecting the file architecture "FAT32" for Windows or "MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac, and then create a" TeslaCam "folder in the flash drive directory. The camera integrated in the car will be able to occupy 30 MB every minute or 1.8 GB of free space per hour, therefore we suggest you buy a memory stick with 64 GB of storage space.

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How to choose the best accessories for Tesla Model 3

At the conclusion of this buying guide and after reviewing the best accessories for Tesla Model 3, it is necessary to explain to you what are the characteristics to look for in order to make an informed purchase. Without going around it, to buy an accessory with an excellent quality / price ratio you have to follow the following points:

Compatibility Build quality Quality of materials Compatibility Before purchasing an accessory you need to check its compatibility with Tesla Model 3. There are various universal products, however we strongly advise you to check the support of this accessory, especially if it has to be installed in a particular point of the car, such as for sun blinds or stickers.

Build quality

Build quality is one of the key points during the pre-purchase phase, as an accessory with a higher quality will have a greater durability than many competing products.

Quality of materials

In addition to good build quality, it is necessary to choose products made with premium materials. In fact, to ensure excellent durability, good construction quality is not enough, but also a selection of high-quality materials.

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