Microsoft x Bethesda: well-known analyst takes credit for the union

Microsoft x Bethesda: well-known analyst takes credit for the union

Microsoft x Bethesda

Michael Pachter is a well-known market analyst in the video game industry who has often been talked about in the past. Recently, in a video posted on the YouTube channel SIFTD Games, at 5:53 p.m. Pachter revealed some interesting background regarding the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft. In particular, the analyst talked about a specific situation that then led to this very close union between the two great companies of the videogame industry.

Although it is not clear during which event it took place, Michael Pachter revealed who found himself talking with some representatives of Bethesda and who in the dialogue asked him if he thinks they could have been acquired by Electronic Arts. Being one of the most important and relevant companies in the sector, Pachter's response was naturally positive, stating “well, yes, they could”.

The analyst then added that, according to him, Microsoft would have been an even better choice, so much so that these representatives, convinced of this choice, asked him to ask Phil Spencer to buy them. Subsequently Pachter reported everything to the head of Xbox, thus resulting in a departure to the negotiations. For this reason Michael Pachter ironically states that if Bethesda was recently acquired by Microsoft it is thanks to him.

Finally, he then said that he regards Phil Spencer as a "fantastic guy", who treats developers very well. We advise you to recover the complete video, which you find below, in which he makes some important considerations on the situation of Google Stadia. Affirmations that help us understand why the figure of Pachter is so relevant in the sector, even in the eyes of the largest companies. If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, we leave you to our special.

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