Monster Hunter Rise: the top 10 of the new monsters

Monster Hunter Rise: the top 10 of the new monsters

Monster Hunter Rise

If you've read our Monster Hunter Rise review, then you should know that we really enjoyed Capcom's work with the new monsters, which are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also very original and fun to fight. Capcom artists drew inspiration from mythology and oriental tradition to draw these creatures, animate and characterize them: in general, the new monsters (eleven, including the two final bosses) are among the best we've hunted in many years of Monster. Hunter, and represent one of the best features of this new release for Nintendo Switch. We have therefore compiled a ranking, a kind of top-10 of our favorite monsters: we invite you to do the same in the comments, to tell us which ones you liked the most.

10. Great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise: Great Izuchi. The Grand Izuchi could only be at the bottom of our ranking: in fact, it is the least original monster of the new group, since it is the usual introductory rapacious wyvern and in the game there are already two others dating back to the older generations, that is the Grand Wroggi and the Gran Baggi. The Gran Izuchi, however, is very fun to fight, because it never stands still, whips its peculiar sickle-shaped tail by pirouetting here and there and is accompanied by two smaller Izuchi who attack in formation with him. Capcom artists were inspired by two Japanese mythological entities: the Kamaitachi, a yokai of the wind, and the Kuchisake-onna, the evil spirit of a concubine who, according to legend, was disfigured in the face by a jealous samurai. The bizarre and disturbing maw of the Gran Izuchi refers precisely to this story.

9. Ibushi of the wind and Narwa of the thunder

Monster Hunter Rise: Narwa of the thunder. Although they are two completely different fights, the two elder dragons are practically identical in appearance: they change the colors and some details, but they remain two sides of the same coin. You will only fight the Ibushi of the Wind in Fury mode, while the Narwa of the Thunder faces off in a specific arena, and is the last monster that unlocks on launch after completing all the high rank key missions. The subplot that binds the two monsters is very particular: in the game, the reunification of these two creatures could cause the extinction of the human species. Inspired by Fujin and Raijin, respectively the gods of wind and thunder in Shinto folklore, the two elder dragons possess very interesting powers and attacks. Fury mode only partially enhances Ibushi's, as the gameplay is quite chaotic and the golden rule is to destroy the boulders he raises around him before he throws them at the gate. More fun, however, the battle with the Narwa of thunder, one of the most original we have played in a Monster Hunter. We won't tell you more!

8. Aknosom

Monster Hunter Rise: Aknosom. Aknosom is also a rapacious wyvern that you will fight at the beginning of the game: it is certainly not among the most difficult monsters to defeat, but novice hunters would do well not to underestimate it, especially when it attacks in rotation with its wings since it does not he understands well in which direction he will move. It can also spit fireballs from a distance and protect itself by fully unfolding the crest. These characteristics are reminiscent of the Basan, fire-breathing birds belonging to Japanese mythology that are said to have made nests in the mountains of what is now the prefecture of Ehime. However, the Capcom artists have combined their supposed features with those of another yokai, the Karakasa, which hides its appearance under a kind of giant umbrella, has one eye and hops on one leg just like the Aknosom. br>

7. Somnacanth

Monster Hunter Rise: Somnacanth. This leviathan - a species that Monster Hunter World couldn't handle in its intricate maps, and that made a big splash on the Switch - is called Isonemikuni in the Japanese version of Monster Hunter Rise, but western locators have played with his appearance by coming up with the name it combines the Latin words Somna (which recalls sleep and dream) and the taxonomic affix -canth with which some "fish" like coelacanth are identified. And indeed, the Somnacanth has the power to put hunters to sleep with its special breath, moving through the water with the agility of a fish and emerging to attack suddenly. Capcom artists were inspired by the myth of the mermaid, known both in the West and in the Rising Sun, where the legends of a sea yokai called Ningyo are told. The Somnacanth is not a particularly dangerous monster, but if it manages to fall asleep you can only hope that your Canyne or Felyne will run to wake you up, otherwise you will be at its mercy.

6. Rakna-Kadaki

Monster Hunter Rise: Rakna-Kadaki. The Rakna-Kadaki is one of the few monsters you will only face in high rank missions and maps. It belongs to the Temnoceran species, which at the moment includes only this monster and the Nerscylla faced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Capcom did not want to exaggerate with the arachnids in order not to alienate the players suffering from arachnophobia, and in fact we cannot blame anyone who dreams of it. this monster at night as it is creepy. The touch of class are the cobwebs that cover it almost completely - and that you can destroy, weakening it - and that resemble a kind of wedding dress just like the armor that you can make with its materials: in fact this monster is inspired by another Japanese ghost, the Jorogumo, who can transform into a beautiful woman and manipulate small fire-breathing spiders. And in fact, even the Rakna-Kadaki can spit a jet of fire that is very bad, as well as churning out small spiders that attack the hunter and try to slow him down and immobilize him. Given the variety of attacks and its agility, it is certainly one of the toughest monsters in the game.

5. Tetranadon

Monster Hunter Rise: Tetranadon. This monster first appeared in the Monster Hunter Riders spin-off for mobile systems, but it is in Monster Hunter Rise that you really fight for the first time. We would have liked him to have a little more dignity, instead of being an introductory boss who is easily defeated, for the simple fact that he is gorgeous: the guys at Capcom were inspired by the Kappa, the mythical Japanese monsters who look like humanoid turtles and who they love sumo. For this reason, the Tetranadon, which is a giant cross between a toad, a turtle and a crocodile, is as animated as a sumo wrestler and simply makes you giggle every time it moves. It can swell, shift its weight from one leg to the other, and perform extraordinary leaps with the express purpose of crushing hunters. And it can also spit out streams of water that do a lot of damage. It is the typical monster you would like a stuffed animal to cuddle with, impossible to hate. Give it to us in Apex version, please!

4. Goss Harag

Monster Hunter Rise: Goss Harag. We are in top-5 territory and it becomes difficult to choose the monsters that will compete for the last places in the ranking. The Goss Harag is a monster that we had a lot of fun facing, because his behaviors are unpredictable. Capcom was inspired by the Namahage, a folk ritual that takes place on New Year's Eve in northern Japan: some inhabitants dress up as Oni, wear demonic masks and brandish big kitchen knives as they go around house to house, Halloween style, to scare children. The Goss Harag takes up these characteristics: it has a face that looks like a large mask, it can turn its legs into sharp blades of ice and it shakes like a drunkard just like these quaint Japanese after they have roasted the fish and the sake that is offered to them. It is a particularly agile fanged beast for its size, which is not only dangerous in close combat, but can also throw up a blast of icy energy from a distance, directly affecting the stamina gauge.

3. Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise: Almudron. This leviathan has a nasty habit of partially emerging, trapping the hunter between the head and tail with a pincer maneuver that can be confusing. His tail is in fact a real appendage, equipped with a kind of claw at the end, which allows him to hit his enemies and grab lumps of mud. The Almudron fights with mud: it can pull it, roll it up and use its tail as a kind of spiked club, raise waves that can overwhelm hunters and erect barriers and pillars of dry mud on which it is possible to climb and which can be exploited as ledges. raised for attacks from above. Mud can slow down the movements of bogged down hunters, so the clash is not only with the leviathan, but also with the surrounding environment, because attacks can come from any side. To design the Almudron, which is one of the most surprising monsters we've faced in the series, the Monster Hunter Rise team was inspired by the Dorotabo, a vengeful spirit that emerges from the mud under the rice fields showing only one hand with three fingers. .

2. Bishaten

Monster Hunter Rise: Bishaten. Once upon a time there was a crab who, after giving his onigiri to a macaque in exchange for a persimmon seed, waited a long time for a tree full of fruit to grow. Realizing that he would not be able to reach the kakis, the crab asked the macaque for help but that, after climbing the tree and devouring all the fruits, spat their hard seeds at the poor crab, killing him. Those at Capcom were inspired by this traditional Japanese fable and the mythological figure of Tengu when they designed the Bishaten, one of the most original monsters we hunted in the whole series. It looks like a Kecha-Wacha, but this fanged beast, halfway between a baboon and a bat, behaves completely differently, hoisting itself on its mighty tail to perform acrobatic attacks, hang from walls and throw colorful fruit that can paralyze or poison hunters. . By placing a few well-aimed shots at the right time, it is possible to stun him and make him fall the fruits that the hunters, after collecting them, can consume to recover health or earn various bonuses. Although one of the first monsters to face off in low-grade missions, the Bishaten is a super fun monster to fight.

1. Magnamalo

Monster Hunter Rise: Magnamalo. The cover monster of this Monster Hunter ended up becoming our favorite for several reasons. We initially thought it was just a successful clone of the Zinogre and the Nergigante, but then we realized that this monster has a variety of very different attacks and behaviors. Its design is splendid - reminiscent of a samurai armor emitting a smoke similar to that of the Onibi, the spirit of a deceased - and the name, which we don't believe needs explanation, is a little intimidating. It is also distinguished by a new type of anomalous state, called Hellfire, which resembles the Blast effect but which can be twisted against it. The Magnamalo accumulates hell gas during the fight, and if the hunters fail to deal enough damage to it at the right time, the monster can expel it with a deadly explosion. In addition to this, it is very agile, its sharp tail has an extraordinary range, it can dive from above and generate a detonation on impact, charge at supersonic speed, even throw up a wave of energy that covers enormous distances. The Magnamalo is a formidable opponent and with its materials you can build beautiful and truly powerful weapons and armor. Capcom has even dedicated a nice amiibo to him that unlocks an exclusive Armor Style and we are sure he will become one of the most beloved monsters in the Monster Hunter community even when Rise has his time.

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