Will Civilization 6 be one of April's PS Plus games?

Will Civilization 6 be one of April's PS Plus games?

According to a rumor that emerged in the last few hours, Civilization 6 could be one of the free games intended for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It all started when the Japanese PlayStation Store listed the home game Firaxis Games and 2K Games as a PS Plus game and speculations are increased since several players complained about the inability to buy it on Sony's virtual store. A mix of elements that is obviously fueling all the various hypotheses around one of the most popular strategic of the last generation.

At present, Civilization 6 is displayed as "not available" on most of the regional stores, including the Italian one. Obviously we are not given to know why but the possibility that it is one of the PlayStation Plus games of April is slightly remote. In fact, starting from the free weekend that 2K Games has organized for these days, which make the title downloadable for free and also purchasable with a strong discount, not only on PlayStation 4 but also on Steam and Xbox One, with the different versions that enjoy the same treatment.

The hypothesis of network errors, however, is to be discarded: any other game in fact is easily affordable: only Civilization VI finds itself in this absurd situation. It could therefore be both a possible indication on the next game in April for PlayStation Plus subscribers and a bug involving the strategy. Obviously, it remains a very strange situation, which could still find a logical explanation in the next few hours.

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Check out our blog for all the details: https://t.co/6oEDaCR4PB pic.twitter.com/JCjVOFBs8A

- Sid Meier's Civilization (@CivGame) March 27, 2021

Considering that we are now in the final stages of March 2021, the PlayStation Plus games of April are now close to the announcement: if Civilization VI will really be available as a free title, the discovery is practically a matter of hours. We will update you as soon as there are more details on this, so keep following sportsgaming.win for all the news in the pipeline.

Find Civilization 6 also on Nintendo Switch and it is also available on Amazon.

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