Is Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding a difficult game?

Is Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding a difficult game?

After years of spasmodic waiting by all the numerous Kojima fans, Death Stranding arrived on the market in November 2019 surrounded by an almost mystical and extremely cryptic aura created by the expectation that was generated around this new production of the author. of Metal Gear Solid.

For many players, Death Stranding has therefore represented a sort of leap into total darkness, or almost, so much so that they are not even aware of what could be the main structure of the game or its general difficulty , aspects usually carefully analyzed by the public before deciding whether to try their hand at a videogame product or not. The difficulty of Death Stranding is at the center of these lines of ours, since it is an element that is rarely described and told and more often left aside to give more space to the analysis of the narrative and playful component of the product, which as per the tradition of titles directed by Kojima made the community talk a lot. In this piece we are not going to make spoilers of any kind on the game mechanics or on the plot of the same, so you can proceed safely in the reading.

Is the game too difficult for you? Here is our guide with Death Stranding cheats. Generally speaking, Death Stranding cannot be defined as an overall difficult game or an overall easy game, but it is perhaps more correct to describe it as a title that sways between the two extremes throughout the duration of the adventure. In fact, there are some rather simple game phases, perhaps even too much, which will almost never create any difficulties, counterbalanced by other phases that are sometimes too punitive, as they force you to spend a lot of time more than expected to try to overcome. a certain obstacle. In any case, before starting a new game, the game will ask you to select one of the difficulty levels available, from Very Easy to Difficult, a choice that you will have to make depending on your nature and preferences and which will help to level a bit. 'on the same level the perceived difficulty of all the game sequences, smoothing out the situations in which at Normal difficulty it is possible to perceive a "leap" from one extreme to the other.

Learn more more about this ambitious work we refer to the review of Death Stranding, available on PC and PlayStation 4, also compatible with PS5.

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