FIFA21 TOTY: the complete analysis of the FUT21 Team of the Year

FIFA21 TOTY: the complete analysis of the FUT21 Team of the Year
Like the previous edition, FUT 21 Team of the Year players have been voted on by the global community on the official FIFA21 website. The voting open from 7 to 18 January through a list of 70 players divided between forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers, during the day of 22 January brought to light a very different formation from last year, also the result of the conditions under which the players had to get used to in the post-pandemic period.

Since last Friday, every two days, the various players for each area of ​​the pitch have been made available in the packages up to the complete team that will be available starting from today at 7pm until the evening of February 2nd.


Attackers are important protagonists for the complete FIFA Ultimate Team squad. With their actions they can bypass the opponent's defenses, enter into area and score goals to be overwhelming. This year for the first time in the starting lineup there is no Lionel Messi, fresh from a disappointing season in which the possible farewell from Barcelona prevailed and the similar season played by his team protagonist of that 2-8 result against Bayern, in which Lewandowski and Joshua Kimmich scored, who we will find in this incredible team.

Starting from the left, Cristiano Ronaldo has played a good season and the new overall confirms this with the passage from the 92 of the gold version to this of 98. To signal the right increases in speed, shooting and dribbling which increase by 7, 5 and 8 points. The defensive attribute is interesting, thanks to the numerous interceptions. In addition to the defense, even the Passage and the Inland Revenue do not pass the 90 points but they are very important given the increases of 8 and above all 11 points compared to the normal version. Compared to last year we find a card in some ways similar to that of Sadio Manè, but with a different defense which therefore pushes Cristiano himself to be much more devastating and thus to obtain a very important card of all respect.

At the center the Polish threat, the most decisive and performing striker of last year , the irresistible Robert Lewandoswki. With his Bayern he became European Champion, he hit the treble, also winning the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal and confirming their incredible season with the victory of the two Super Cups. His card with a score of 98 breaks the patterns of the general formations and therefore upsets the tactical set-up of the last few years, as we will see later in the possible competitive formations. With regard to the attributes, the super increase that obtained the speed and the physique of 13 and 12 points compared to the gold version, passing from 79 to 91 and from 82 to 94, should be recorded. by 7 points with the arrival at the extraordinary 98 while the passing, the dribbling and the defense also get an excellent development that starting from 78, 86 and 43 arrive at the formidable 88, 94 and 52.

On the right side undergoing only a shift and some changes in the statistics, the very young French winger Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain was confirmed for the second consecutive year. With a season as a protagonist like his, especially in the Champions League as well as in national competitions, the right wing has managed to continuously demonstrate their skills. The prince, testimonial of the annual cover, received a sticker with an overall of 97. The statistic that obtained the least expansion was the speed with 3 higher points which therefore lead to a galactic 99, almost to the limits of the possible. The formidable shot by the French ace got a 10 unit award with its 96 points, which are devastating. Also noteworthy are the passes that go from 78 to 89 as a result of the numerous assists made during the last year. The dribbling makes him even more unstoppable with the score of 98 against 91 of the normal card. The defense and the physique both get a development of 11 points which then pass to 50 and 87 to be taken into account on the interception side and control of the body in action.


The midfielders are the central point of the formation and are often used to better intercept or create counter-attacks that will be used by the attackers to score. On the two offensive sides, space for Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne, respectively a new face of the central zone and a confirmation from last year.

Instead, the young Joshua Kimmich is in the center, replacing the midfielder after 3 years Chelsea defensive N'Golo Kanté. The Manchester United playmaker played a modest season with his team which achieved good placings in the various competitions played throughout the year. He deserves the honor of having been decisive during the various games and of having obtained the following upgrades with his performances.

In fact, from the usual 87 of the gold version, Bruno Fernandes' card has an increase of 10 points totals with the passage to the extraordinary score of 97. To consider the double-digit increases of all the statistics that have led him to be the best midfielder overtaking his rivals: in fact the speed has been increased by 13 points to 90, while the shooting and passing reached 97 and 98 making it very formidable to opposing defenses; moreover, dribbling knows an increase of 14 units reaching 97 points. The only attributes below the value of "90" are the defense and the physique which, despite this, obtain respectively increases of 14 and 12 points that bring their score to 82 and 87, very important in ball recovery.

The Manchester City midfielder returns for the fourth consecutive time to the FIFA21 TOTY, also thanks above all to his devastating shots and his actions that easily break into the opposition's defenses. Its statistics compared to the normal card increase slightly, bringing the final overall from a good 91 to a modest 96. Only the defense and the physique get a double-digit increase with 11 and 10 points which therefore reach 75 and 88 . The speed, which goes from a simple 76 to a considerable 84, also remains below the threshold of "90". Instead, the shooting, passing and dribbling statistics are remarkable, starting with scores such as 86.93 and 88 reaching the formidable 94, the extraordinary 98 and the excellent 94.

The Bayern Munich midfielder was flawless last season, achieving everything possible with his team and confirming his excellent form in the current championship. The score of the German footballer reaches a remarkable 96, the result of the increases received all in double digits especially with 14 points in speed and shooting which therefore reach the modest 85 and 86, while the passage and dribbling reach an incredible share which with an increase by 10 units they go from 86 and 84 to 96 and 94. Lastly, but only in order, the defense and the physicist obtain a development of 13 votes reaching the extraordinary 94 and 92.

Defenders and Goalkeeper

The defensive side of the team needs very strong players with physique, interceptions and tackles and then also speed to get rid of the ball in some situations or to restart the team through the full backs and counterattack the opponent. Unlike last year on the left side, Alfonso Davies replaces David Robertson of Liverpool while Sergio Ramos returns to the central area in place of Dutchman Matthias De Ligt. Instead, Van Dijk and Alexander-Arnold remain confirmed thanks to their respectful season played with the Premier League team. In goal compared to Alisson Becker, we can count on the extreme defender Manual Neuer, considered one of the best of all time.

The Bayern Munich full-back achieved the greatest total increase with 12 points compared to the version card gold. The least touched point is certainly the speed which increases by only 3 units, going from 96 to the excellent 99, while the rest of the attributes experience a double-digit increase as happens for the shot with 16 points, the passage with even 20 reaching 89. and dribbling with 14. The defense and physique also pass from mediocre values ​​of 76 to 91 and 90, thus confirming his defensive skills compared to those used for the attack.

The Real Madrid defender it is both in reality and in the game, devastating and decisive especially in the most important moments of the game. In addition to fulfilling its role, it is often used for head shots or penalty kicks to which the value of 99 has been attributed with this version. On the statistics his overall wins an increase of 7 points despite a stellar season with his team. To underline the super development of speed and dribbling which rise to 83 and 87 leaving the weak values ​​close to 70. This is also confirmed by the passage that reaches 87. However, the shot that goes from 70 to 87 remains below 80 points. 79. While the defense and the physique with the score of 96 and 94 confirm his true values ​​to be taken into consideration for the construction of future competitive teams.

The Dutch central Liverpool has been one for some years now. of the best players also chosen in amateur formations. His physique and defense received small improvements of 6 and 8 units, as well as speeds which went from 76 to an adequate 85. The value he achieved galactic development was the Pass with 17 points starting from a decent 71. Even with an increase of 10 points, the shot that is the lowest overall attribute remains at 70. Instead the dribbling passes to a fair 82 with the same increase. As for Ramos, Virgil Van Dijk also obtains the maximum progress in the defensive part with the defense reaching 97 and the Physicist passing to 94 resulting in the best values ​​of the team in general. Compared to last year we find a very different card and with 3 points less overall which are justified by the non-galactic season played with his team compared to that of two years ago.

The Liverpool right-back has obtained an ascent of 7 points starting from 87 up to 94. A very fast boy, strong in passing that burns the opponent's midfield and helps his team to restart. The speed has received an increase of 12 points passing to a superb 92. The shot instead wins the greatest increase with 15 units with a right 81 while the best score in the area is the passage with 96. Dribbling and dribbling are also confirmed as important. above all the defense that from 80 and 81 pass to the excellent 90 and 91. The only element out of 90 is the physique that despite a development of 13 points reaches 84. Compared to the last edition, the English player received a degraded card of only 1 overall point with decreases on all sides except for the speed which remained the same.

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper had a formidable season and with his saves and reflexes he has led his team to conquer everything the possible. In short, at 35, Manuel Neuer is still an impassable wall. Its characteristics reappear on its TOTY card which this year has an increase of 7 total points compared to the gold version, passing from 89 to 96. Only the speed gets a double-digit improvement with 12 points, however, reaching the measly 68. While the Dive and Positioning received 8 points more, positioning themselves at values ​​of 95 and 94. Finally, the Movement, Shooting and Reflexes develop an increase of 7 points passing from 87.91 and 87 to numbers such as 94.98 and 94.

What formations could we see at the next global tournaments?

In the first qualifiers of the competitive season of FIFA21 we noticed some formations made up of few icons and very different players than in the past like the central Klostermann of Leipzig or the right-back Tavernier of the Rangers or even Adama Traoré of Wolverhampton. As previously mentioned, the new cards could change the tactical set-up seen in recent years by introducing some Bayern Munich players little used in the past.

And so we have developed two probable line-ups composed of some TOTY players.

In a first composition we could think of a type of module composed of: Ederson TOWT, Davies TOTY, Ferdinand, Van Dijk TOTY and Alexander-Arnold TOTY.

In midfield, the Portuguese Renato Sanchez is very fast and the impassable Patrick Vieira.

On the outside space for Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne while at the top we find Ronaldo Icona and the very young Kylian Mbappé TOTY.

Or in a second version featuring the team of Bayern Munich, which could upset the competitive schemes, we could find the German Manuel Neuer TOTY in goal, followed in defense by his teammate Davies TOTY, the central Leipzig Klostermann, the Spaniard Sergio Ramos and the legg German agenda Phillip Lham.

Joshua Kimmich TOTY and the icon of Zidane confirmed the central role in midfield. Instead on the left and right side, from an offensive point of view, space for sprinters Gnabry Freeze and Cristiano Ronaldo TOTY. The new couple formed by Robert Lewandowski TOTY and the Brazilian legend Pelé close in attack.

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