Immortals Fenyx Rising - A New Deity | Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising - A New Deity | Review
A New Divinity is the first of the three DLCs planned for Immortals Fenyx Rising, the latest effort by Ubisoft Quebec that surprised us, positively, last December. As with all operations of this kind, however, the quality of the main title is not always necessarily reflected in the additional content created to support it over time. In the case of A New Divinity, however, we are faced with a substantial package, with lights and shadows present in equal measure and which can guarantee a few hours of additional joy for lovers of the bizarre Crypts of Tartarus.

A New Divinity… in pills

Before we begin, we must make a necessary premise: talking to you about the narrative sector of A New Divinity would unfortunately involve inevitably anticipating some of the events that take place in the final stages of Immortals Fenyx Rising. For this reason we have chosen not to anticipate anything about the plot of this first additional content, limiting ourselves to telling you that it can be completed, 100%, in a scarce dozen hours and that the size of the new area introduced, is attested on those of one of the regions featured in the main title.

A dozen hours which, however, focus more on “playing” rather than beating around the bush in excessive narrative interludes. This does not mean that there is no plot but, simply, that the background chatter that accompanied us during the main adventure is reduced in this expansion, as well as the comic tempos, and the disengaged moments, compress into some peculiar moments. A choice that, apparently, might seem "devoted to saving" but which in reality manages to equally express the whimsy of the pens that gave life to Immortals Fenyx Rising, however, not going to "harass" the player during the most bizarre parts of a new divinity.

Elementary Watson!

We were talking about bizarre moments because the main focus, of A New Divinity, is the expansion of the puzzle sections present in Immortals Fenyx Rising. With the excuse of demonstrating her abilities, in fact, our heroine (or hero if you have chosen a male character) will find herself faced with a long series of environmental puzzles to be solved using the powers obtained during the main adventure, here adequately enhanced. The exploratory sessions, as well as the combat ones, will be largely resized in A New Divinity, as well as the use of the various types of potions will be completely removed to encourage the player to get out of the most difficult situations by exploiting ingenuity compared to the more practical , brute force.

Although all these limitations are fully justified through the story told by A New Divinity, the feeling of being faced with less variety persists throughout the duration of the adventure, risking to easily lead to boredom for those players who, perhaps, have not fully appreciated the Crypts of Tartarus present in Immortals Fenyx Rising. However, the quality of the puzzles proposed by the developers remains unquestionable, introducing a plethora of additional elements, as well as a more intensive use of the laws of physics.

We are, in fact, faced with puzzles. more complex which, in addition to using schemes and methodologies already seen in the main title, introduce mechanics related to the conduction of electricity, and its interruption, exploiting the materials of the cubes; as well as dimensional portals that quickly move objects from one part of the area to another or, again, magnetic fields that allow Fenyx to move using the crates as a means of locomotion. The general difficulty, following the first puzzles designed to illustrate the new game mechanics, rises compared to Immortals Fenyx Rising, leading the player to spend much more time reflecting than in the past. However, it remains an accessible and never frustrating challenge which, however, by virtue of these more staid play dynamics, may not meet the totality of the public who appreciated the main game.

Beautiful as the Sun!

Nothing to say, however, regarding the artistic sector. Where the technical side remains the same as the main game, the discourse is different with regard to the new settings present in A New Divinity. This is a new thematic area which, while tracing some of the glimpses seen in the first moments of the game, manages to give the right amount of novelty and breathtaking views. The designs of the new armor and new weapons are also very beautiful, introducing new features that may prove useful even for those players who still have some Crypts to explore in the main adventure. Finally, the excellent dubbing in Italian remains, played perfectly also in this new expansion.

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