realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in 2020

realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in 2020
2020 for realme was a year of considerable importance as well as strong growth as confirmed by the latest report published by Counterpoint Research which assigned the Chinese brand, within a ranking that covered the entire global market, the title of smartphone brands with the fastest growth in the world.

In the last year 42.4 million smartphones were shipped, an impetuous result that allowed the young Chinese brand to score an excellent + 65% on an annual basis. A truly significant figure if we consider that it was recorded in a very particular year, characterized by the pandemic and where people's habits as well as the possibilities have changed exponentially.

Total smartphone shipments 2020 vs 2019 Making a quick check in the global ranking of the 10 main players in the smartphone sector, it is essential to note how realme was the only company able to increase its sales and shipping volumes by over 50%.

These results they remained stable throughout the year and in the fourth quarter of 2020 the Chinese brand confirmed itself in seventh position for the number of smartphones shipped, taking into consideration the market and manufacturers from all over the world. Growth was thus around 80% compared to the same period of 2019, which allowed realme to conquer the title of fastest growing producer for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Q4 2020 results vs Q4 2019 The Counterpoint Research report then wanted to underline how 5G smartphones contributed to 34% of shipments made in the fourth quarter of last year and according to a first estimate, this type of devices will come to make up two thirds of the total volume. in the course of 2023.

Not surprisingly, in recent months the realme 7 5G has been released on the market with good technical characteristics and precisely the latest connectivity available on the market, all this at a much lower price than other solutions offered by competition. To all this, we must add another very important result: in May 2020 the company declared that it had crossed the milestone of 35 million active users in the world.

The goal for 2021 is clearly that to continue to grow and to aim for even more prestigious results, even if what has already been recorded to date is incredible, especially considering the fact that the company announced its first smartphone in the spring of 2018.

While the realme devices have been made available in 61 countries around the world, the focus has also been shifted to wearable devices, such as wearables (realme Watch S is the latest arrival) and headphones and we are sure that many other innovations will arrive later this year.

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