Buy PS5: Euronics expects a longer waiting time for subsequent deliveries

Buy PS5: Euronics expects a longer waiting time for subsequent deliveries
Gamers are longingly waiting for additional deliveries of the PlayStation 5: The new Sony console is out of print everywhere in Germany. After all: Media Markt and Saturn have apparently received larger stocks from Sony in the past few days. The dealers are currently processing the outstanding orders from September 2020. Customers recently reported receiving new shipping notifications. It is not yet known whether and how many consoles will be left for free sale. It may be worthwhile to keep an eye on the Saturn and Media Markt retailer websites for the next few days.

A bot set up on Twitter will also inform you immediately if the PlayStation 5 is available from German retailers. It is unlikely that the consoles will be sold in other shops in the coming days. Compared to the website, Euronics said that the devices are not expected to be available again until February or March. It is in close coordination with Sony, but is bound to the corresponding delivery cycles. (buy now )

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