[SPOILER] The Medium: how to solve the clock puzzle in Hotel Niwa

[SPOILER] The Medium: how to solve the clock puzzle in Hotel Niwa
As we have already underlined on other occasions, The Medium is a product that bases the progression structure within the main story on the resolution of many environmental puzzles, such as that of Jack's tie pin.

Before continue, we remind you that the content of this guide could be considered spoilers, so we advise you not to proceed with the reading if you do not want to anticipate anything.

One of the many environmental puzzles proposed during the main story of The Medium takes place inside the Hotel Niwa, during the game phase in which you have to look for Thomas and find out where he went and what happened to him. To start solving the riddle, go to the hotel manager's office, a room with a large clock that can be used by collecting the locked key inside the office desk. Once the clock is unlocked, you will be able to move its hands at will: to continue inside the puzzle, position them so that they mark 4:00 pm. In this way, you will be able to see the figure of Thomas near a nearby Spiritual Well, which you can use to recharge Marianne's abilities and continue with the puzzle.

After completing this part, and recharging the power reserves of the protagonist, you will have to move the hands of the clock forward until it strikes about 17:00: by doing so, a new portal will open that will lead to the World of the Spirits. Enter the other dimension and explore the surrounding area using your Instinct, which can be activated using the LB button on the controller: after a short time you should be able to locate a switch. After finding it, return to the earthly world and head to the same position in which you found the switch in the Spirit World: the exact position is behind a picture hidden in turn by a bookcase. Pressing the switch will unlock the way to continue and you can consider the puzzle completed.

In case you want to know more about the game, we recommend that you retrieve the review of The Medium.

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