The Medium is the most anticipated game of January 2021

The Medium is the most anticipated game of January 2021
We have reached the beginning of the new year and we therefore find ourselves turning over the most anticipated games of January 2021, a month to tell the truth not very full of high-caliber titles but still destined to reserve some surprises and in any case able to offer very interesting new introductions. Among these, the most anticipated game stands out in particular as a single choice shared by both the editorial staff and the readers, or The Medium, the new survival horror of Bloober Team which has just recently been postponed from December to January, being able in this way to enjoy an easier exit as it is free from particularly fierce competitors.

We are still in full transition climate towards the next gen, indeed we are actually in a rather curious position: despite PS5 and Xbox Series X have been available for almost two months now, very few have actually managed to get their hands on one of the next gen consoles, given the objective difficulty in finding them available on the market. This generates the particular situation of a moment in which there is much talk of new consoles but with these that actually cannot be tried in a practical way by most users, given the scarcity of units available on the market and the difficulties of supply. In a similar scenario, the sharing of the catalog between the current and the next generation is particularly positive, even if in the case of The Medium in particular this applies only to PC, given that the rest is an exclusive Xbox Series S | X.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

The vote within the editorial staff saw two games emerge in particular compared to the rest of the possible choices, however, determining the victory of The Medium in a rather easy way as the most anticipated game of January 2021. We will also have to wait a bit before we can actually evaluate whether these expectations have been well placed, given that the Bloober Team game is expected to arrive on the market only on January 28, therefore practically the month ended almost. In any case, the title in question attracted attention immediately, since its first presentation during the famous Xbox Games Showcase in May 2020 when various indie titles were shown coming to the Xbox Series X | S. It is a sort of survival horror, a decidedly disturbing action adventure based on a particular mechanic, constantly hovering between two different connected dimensions.

We haven't seen a lot of The Medium yet but what has been shown so far, in terms of atmospheres and innovative game solutions, has captured the attention of most of the editorial staff and that is enough to put the title at the top of expectations for January 2021. Following we find Hitman 3, the new chapter of the famous tactical shooter series by of IO Interactive, which apparently continues to focus strongly on Agent 47 and his adventures around the world as a professional killer. In third position among the most anticipated we find Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition, remastered and extended edition of Ubisoft's 2D scrolling fighting game based on the comic of the same name (from which a well-known film was also taken). Due to licensing issues, the game has been removed from the market and remained unobtainable for years, so its return is quite expected by a good amount of fans. Few movements outside the podium, with a few crumbs of the vote also ended in Everspace 2 and Stronghold: Warlords.

The most awaited by readers

The results emerged from the survey submitted to the readers on the most anticipated game of January 2021, even if in this case there is a considerable preference entrusted to the choice "None", to demonstrate how the month that has just started evidently does not reserve great emotions for a large part of the public. It must also be said that the most anticipated game of the month, or The Medium, is an exclusive next gen console for Xbox Series X | S, which could reduce the target audience, considering the difference in diffusion of the Microsoft machines around here, which could also explain the lack of general enthusiasm. However, its arrival also on PC still keeps it open to different possibilities of use, being however out directly on Xbox Game Pass, so even among readers it easily ended up at the top of the ranking, although under the nihilistic choice par excellence (i.e. "None").

Reflecting precisely the positions that also emerged from the ranking drawn up by the editorial vote, even for readers the second among the most anticipated games of January 2021 is Hitman 3, a series that always manages to count on a good slice of the public. Intended to represent the conclusion of the new trilogy, the third chapter will not have an episodic structure as a release scheme on the market, but otherwise its composition will be similar to that of the two previous chapters, with the different settings to host different missions that allow approaches different to maps, rather extensive. Also in this case, after Hitman 3 to close the podium we find Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition, a game that always intrigues for its return to the classic arcade almost from the arcade and for the charisma of the characters and the world from which it is taken. Very few votes were received for the other titles, among which practically only the strategic Stronghold: Warlords stands out.

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