Steam Game Festival February: Over 500 Demos Coming

Steam Game Festival February: Over 500 Demos Coming
Always in the spotlight, both for the hefty fine received from the EC and for Gabe Newell's futuristic ideas about the brain interface, Valve announced the February edition of the Steam Game Festival revealing plans and schedules. The event will start on February 2, 2021 at 19:00 and will end on February 10, 2021 always at the same time. In terms of content, the platform will give users the opportunity to try over 500 demos mainly of upcoming games.

Among the titles present at the event we will find interesting productions such as Hazel Sky by Coffee Addict Studio, or the action / Runwild RPG, Almighty Kill your Gods. But there will be titles to try for lovers of any genre thanks to the presence of 2D RPGs such as No Place For Bravery, or 8-Bit Adventures 2, a retro JRPG in full NES style. We just have to wait for the event to find out in detail the over 500 demos that we will be able to try.

In addition, various live streams will be broadcast starring the developers of the titles that will distinguish the Steam Game Festival in February 2021, as well how users can feed their curiosity through chats with the developers themselves. In summary, the event will allow you to test the games you have most anticipated and to be able to clarify, perhaps, many of the doubts you have about it. An opportunity not to be wasted if one of your most anticipated titles was present at the Valve event.

You can view the official event page by clicking here and, in addition, we invite you to view the video above. Will you participate in the rich February event of the well-known Valve platform? What are the titles that you would like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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