Best Italian hosting 2021 (updated ranking)

Best Italian hosting 2021 (updated ranking)
Opening a website, whether for passion or for a work project, is not an operation to be underestimated: in short, it should not be taken lightly. Among the various points to consider for building a portal, in addition to the ideas and general direction to take, there is one very important, impossible to overlook: the choice of an excellent hosting. We are usually inclined to think that the best services of this type are those offered by foreign companies. In reality there are several reliable and efficient made in Italy hosting. And it is for this reason that in the next few lines we will indicate what we believe to be the best Italian hosting 2021.

Or rather: we will provide you with a list of the most interesting Italian hosting services in circulation, so you will surely find the most suitable one to your needs and expectations. Happy reading!

Why choose an Italian hosting?

Because, in many cases, they have nothing to envy to foreign hosting. When we talk about hosting services for sites, blogs, e-commerce and portals, we often think of the services offered by foreign companies. Almost as if in Italy we weren't able to manage delicate technologies that require a high degree of reliability.

A stereotype that is in fact denied by the Italian hosting proposal that we are about to provide you in the next few lines. Below you will find a list with the top 5 Italian hosting: truly impeccable services, which can prove to be perfect for various projects.

We are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of the various proposals: in this way you will be able to choose the one that really suits you. But no more delay, let's go!

Best Italian hosting 2021

As we said before, it is neither easy nor particularly useful to say if there is an absolute best hosting. It depends on the features you are looking for, the needs you need. Let's take some concrete examples. If your site is simply a showcase with which you present your projects, your portfolio and contacts, then you can opt for cheap hosting and limited resources.

In fact, your portal will not be very busy: it will function only as a business card. The situation is different if instead I had in mind to create a website full of insights, news and contents of various kinds. A platform of this type, constantly updated, certainly needs a different and more solid structure. Also because the visits will increase (hopefully!), And consequently the traffic will be more consistent.

In the latter case, a hosting that includes more structured plans is necessarily required. If you are not sure which are the most interesting made in Italy hosting from this point of view, the following list will undoubtedly be useful. Also due to the fact that for each of these services we will go to dissect its characteristics. So here are the best Italian hosting 2021.


Low prices and high performance: VHosting guarantees a truly remarkable quality-price ratio. Among its strengths there are undoubtedly the servers used, which are constantly optimized to always guarantee impeccable performance. In addition, it makes extensive use of NVMe SSDs.

Considering the various plans it offers (there are so many, so the offer is very varied), the one to consider in the first place is the Low Cost Silver package : with only 30 euros every 12 months, you will have 8 GB of space for your website, a free domain forever and the best security standards, such as SSL certificate and SSH access.

From also mention the plan called WordPress Veloce 01, perfect for those who are new to programming and need all the tools for building the site, starting with the most used CMS. In addition, with this plan you will also have 20 GB of space on the NVMe SSD, an automatic backup system and all the best technology to safeguard the security of your data. It costs 45 euros every 12 months: really cheap if we think about the service offered.

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Another 100% best Italian hosting is Hostinger , a service that also features a free plan that is ideal for more amateur ideas that do not require high performance. As for its paid plans, it presents one called Single Web Hosting, which is the cheapest and suitable for everyone even to do simple tests. It costs only € 0.80 per month and includes 10 GB of SSD space.

Another proposal, certainly more complete, is the Premium one, which increases the available space, includes a domain and guarantees a width of unlimited bandwidth. It costs 2.15 euros per month. Solutions with WordPress installed are slightly more expensive: the Starter version requires a payment of 2.15 euros per month, with 20 GB of storage on SSD, unlimited traffic, free SSL and domain. The Premium one, on the other hand, comes to 9.99 euros per month.

In addition to all these excellent services, Hostinger also guarantees assistance via ticket, available 24 hours a day. Also available, and it is an element that should not be underestimated , the possibility to be reimbursed within 30 days from the subscription.

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Another very popular name with reference to hosting made in Italy is Serverplan, which offers a really cheap offer but not for this reason of poor quality, on the contrary. The cheapest plan, which includes 5 GB of SSD space and unlimited traffic, costs only 24 euros per month. Included in the price there is also a domain, the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and the daily automatic backup.

The Startup plan is higher: it provides 100 GB of space on SSD, domain included and 50 emails . Serverplan indicates this site as perfect for those who own sites for traffic up to 100 thousand monthly visits. Then present two other packages of this type. WordPress is included in all offers, even in the cheapest plan.

To register the possibility with Serverplan to take advantage of 30 days of satisfied or refunded service, but also the presence of the desk panel, the firewall, the server monitoring and much more.

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Not only the best Italian hosting, but certainly in the top 10 overall: Keliweb really offers great service. We are talking about a totally Italian company, founded in 2009 and which makes a truly remarkable offer available to its users, for several reasons.

It starts with an economic plan of 19.99 euros per year , particularly suitable for those who already have programming basics. With it you will have 5 GB of server space, SSL and HTTP / 2 certificates, 10 email addresses and a MySQL database included. There is also a free domain forever (as well as in all the other plans provided by Keliweb).

The WordPress Start plan is instead the one dedicated to all those novice users, since with this subscription you have available everything you need to build a site without having technical knowledge. 5GB of SSD space, security certificates, firewall, cPanel and an advanced backup system are included. All at a price of € 29.90 per year.

In terms of technical assistance, Keliweb does not disappoint: you can contact customer service via live chat, e-mail, ticket or telephone.

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We conclude our list of the best Italian hosting with SiteGround, another reference name for the Italian hosting and hosting in general. It is a service born in 2004, chosen by more and more users so much so that it has become an appreciated and recognized service also at an international level. The reason is obvious: it simplifies your life.

The aim of the Siteground team is precisely to facilitate the activities of users: this is made possible above all thanks to weebly, a complete and easy-to-use site builder . In terms of plans, Siteground also offers various packages suitable for all budgets.

We start with an economic plan of 5.99 euros per month: it provides 10 GB of disk space, a free domain and a reliable security compartment. WordPress is also present in this plan, but if your idea is to create a site visited and with consistent traffic, it is better to opt for the Growbig plan, which provides the ability to manage 25 thousand monthly visits without problems.

The storage space also rises to 20 GB, but there are also a whole host of extra features that can only be useful, advanced OnDemand backup and dynamic data cache in the first place. This plan, like all the others, also includes the possibility of a "30-day money-back guarantee", which is not always present in other hosting services.

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How was the ranking of the best Italian hosting drawn up?

Taking into account a series of absolutely essential factors in choosing a hosting and with a very specific approach: never choose a service solely and exclusively on the basis of price. In the previous lines we have indicated some plans that can be suitable according to the needs of each one: rather than considering the convenience, it is good to reflect on the cost / benefit ratio depending on the project you have in mind.

For this reason, however, we have not indicated the best Italian hosting and that's it, but we have seen five services that in our opinion can fit perfectly within the definition. So you could evaluate which one is really right for you. Also thanks to the fact that we have reviewed the characteristics that a good hosting must have: the space available on the disk (which affects the amount of content that can be loaded and the speed with which users can access it), the width of bandwidth (which directly affects the number of monthly visitors you can have) and the presence or absence of WordPress.

As you have seen, it is not necessary to be a programmer to create and optimize a website: thanks to WordPress , which is one of the most popular CMS, you will have plenty of free and paid plugins with which to build and design your platform. The presence of an automatic backup function can also be important, especially if the user does not have much experience. The same goes for assistance services via telephone, live chat or email.

Free or paid hosting?

There is no single answer: even in this case, it depends. In fact, a web hosting service can be both free and paid. The reason why you decide to buy a service is that the free resources available on the web are very limited and guarantee very concise services, so it is impossible to support a long-term project through them.

Free services, furthermore, they do not provide acceptable or sufficient security standards to protect users' work on the web. And within them, not even the plugins necessary for the design of a well-built portal are available. Obviously, they do not have automatic data backups in case of cyber attacks. In short, even in terms of security they are by no means the best.

In general, free hosting (for example those provided by Providers such as Tiscali and Libero, or by some hosts such as Altervista), are also characterized by:

Limited web space Limited bandwidth Constraint to insert advertising banners within sites A single email box A paid hosting obviously offers much higher levels of resources and security, as we have seen in the previous lines. It also gives you the ability to register a domain, transfer it, use a larger web space, as well as a larger monthly traffic band.

Summary and conclusions

You should now have a complete and exhaustive overview of which is the best Italian hosting 2021 that best suits your needs and expectations. All the hosting services that we have indicated to you are more than valid, both in terms of available resources and in terms of security.

The final advice we want to give you is therefore to carefully evaluate the services that question, in order to choose the service (and also the plan) that is really right for you. See you next time!

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