Cashback, how to get it on Rc cars, maintenance, fuel and fines

Cashback, how to get it on Rc cars, maintenance, fuel and fines
To weigh on the pockets of motorists, in addition to the purchase of the car, are inevitably also the consequent outlays for subsequent expenses related to maintenance, repair, insurance, car tax or simple and constant refueling. However, many of these expenses can be reduced thanks to a partial refund of 10%. On 1 January 2021 the so-called "State Cashback" was launched, available until 30 June 2022 and started following the experimental Christmas Cashback which ended on 31 December 2021.

What is the State Cashback?

Starting from the premise that the initiative was born with the aim of encouraging the use of payment cards and apps, credit and debit cards to favor the development of a of digital transactions, safe, simple and transparent, for all Italian citizens of age it is possible to obtain a refund for purchases made on the national territory. Therefore, online purchases do not compete. After installing the Io app on your device, you can log in with your SPID digital identity or with your Electronic Identity Card. During the initial activation phase, or possibly at a later time, it is however necessary to save the payment methods, between cards and apps, and indicate the IBAN code of the current account on which you want to receive the transfer for the disbursement of any accrued refunds during each six-monthly period. Excluding the experimental “Christmas Extra Cashback” period which has already ended, the new program is divided into three periods:

1st semester which runs from 1/1/2021 to 30/6/2021; 2nd semester from 1/7/2021 to 31/12/2021; 3rd semester from 1/1/2022 to 30/6/2022. We remind you that, if the SPID digital identity is not yet available, you can still access the services offered.

Cashback and reimbursements

For each mentioned period of the program, you can therefore obtain a maximum reimbursement of 150 euros, equal to 300 euros per year. However, the initiative does not impose a minimum amount of expenditure and, in fact, every purchase made with cards and payment apps registered for Cashback purposes, allows you to accumulate 10% of the amount spent, up to a maximum of € 15 per single transaction. Therefore, the minimum requirements for obtaining the reimbursement are few, but it is essential to reach a minimum number of valid transactions, equal to 50 for each of the semesters.

How to obtain it also on vehicle management costs?

As mentioned at the beginning, a refund can be obtained for all purchases made, privately, on the national territory through cards and payment apps in shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets. Let's see, however, how it is possible to obtain a refund for the management costs of your vehicle. The good news could in fact concern the countless owners of a car or a motorcycle who must necessarily meet current maintenance costs. In addition to the simple cost of purchasing a car, over the years, also current costs such as RCA insurance, road tax, service and fuel costs affect Italian motorists every year. It is no coincidence, in fact, that one of the expenses that most affects a family's budget is undoubtedly that relating to car maintenance costs. Many of these fall within the expenses provided to take advantage of the 10% reimbursement, let's see in more detail what the state has included in the initiative:

fuel; auto parts and accessories, workshops and tire dealers; Car Insurance; fines; car tax; revision.


One item that inevitably affects the costs associated with a car is that relating to fuel, especially for those who are forced to use their car every day as an alternative to public transport. In this case, refueling your car has an annual impact on operating costs, which however vary from the kilometer usage of the car. However, filling up your car with fuel costs 10% less thanks to the new State Cashback.

Auto parts and accessories, workshops and tire dealers

Constant maintenance of a vehicle it is inevitably necessary in order to guarantee its complete efficiency over the long term. However, repairs, replacements or simple checks are essential to have full control of the condition of the vehicle. The management and maintenance of the vehicle are among the purchases valid for reimbursement. Even in such situations, all users can therefore take advantage of the 10% fee on the amount spent for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. We remind you that in the ordinary maintenance the coupon is inevitably included, while in the extraordinary one the repair of faults or malfunctions affecting the clutch, gearbox, suspension, brakes or power supply.

The 10% refund can therefore be obtained on how much spent by both the coachbuilder and the tire dealer. In these cases too, of course, the aforementioned requirements apply (purchase, or payment by the professional, must be made with cards or payment apps). However, it is important to reiterate that each expense made does not give the right to a refund exceeding 15 euros.

Car insurance

The car liability policy is the contract that each buyer must stipulate with a company of insurance to cover damage unintentionally caused when using the car. Auto policies therefore cover damages up to a pre-established ceiling and have different rates depending on the various insurance companies and the same services offered. This therefore requires huge annual costs for each car. To help with a small reduction in costs, the "Italia Cashless" initiative allows you to include this expense in reimbursements. Also in this case, of course, the reimbursement is only valid for contracts stipulated with insurance agencies present on the national territory, thus excluding all policies subscribed online, for a maximum of 15 euros in total.

Beyond that. , however, a decline in TPL cars is expected in 2021, if we consider that city traffic dropped drastically in the previous year due to the different lockdowns linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and, consequently, accidents as well.


It is clear that in case of violation of a rule of the Highway Code, you are subject to a consequent administrative sanction. Once the notification from the Local, Municipal or Traffic Police has been received, the report can - in most cases - be paid at a reduced amount of 30% if payment is made within five days of the same notification. In the event that this possibility is not specified in the notification, or alternatively, for any other reason, payment should be made after the fifth day, the term of 60 days from notification to be able to make the payment remains valid. Among the various methods to pay a fine there is inevitably the classic postal bulletin, sent together with the report, useful for paying at post offices, bank branches, tobacconists, affiliated Lotto betting offices and Sisal betting shops. The reimbursement of 10% is also part of the administrative penalties, with a maximum of 15 euros even if the amount of the fine exceeds 150 euros. Otherwise, the payment can still be made online, however, without the small refund.

Car tax

Also with regard to the ownership tax of a car duly registered in the Public Automobile Register, which must be paid annually, it is possible to obtain a refund of up to 15 euros. Also in this case we reiterate the need to comply with all the conditions mentioned, with payment at physical shops and therefore specialized agencies such as tobacconists, post offices, authorized ATMs, or other physical establishments that offer the same service. In this regard, we remind you that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government has issued Legislative Decree no. 129 of 20 October 2020 with the consequent provision for postponement to 31 December 2020 of the deadline for the suspension of collection activities, previously set for 15 August. In any case it is advisable to consult the web portal of your region of residence given the regional differences. Emilia Romagna, for example, has decided to postpone the payment of property taxes due in December 2020 and January 2021 to 31 March. While Lombardy, the stamp duty with a deadline between 8 March and 31 December 2020 may be paid by January 31, 2021.

Car overhaul

The new provision of the Budget Law 2021, which establishes a 22% increase on the cost of overhauling a vehicle charged to users. We remind you that the first overhaul of a new car must only be carried out after 4 years from the first registration, while for cars registered for more than 4 years they must have the car overhauled every two years. Also in this case, to facilitate citizens, the Government has thought of an extension, with the possibility of renewal until February 28, 2021 for deadlines ending in October, November and December 2020. However, the increase in the cost of the revision may be reduced in the event that the payment is made with an electronic tool, benefiting from the State Cashback. In detail, the overhaul can be done at the Motor Vehicle Authority or an authorized mechanical workshop. In the first case, it is necessary to fill in the application form TT2100, available both online and at the motor vehicle offices, and pay a bulletin equal to the sum of 45 euros in the name of the Land Transport Department.

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