Nintendo Switch, February 2021: the best games of the month

Nintendo Switch, February 2021: the best games of the month
Nintendo Switch will see the arrival in February 2021 of many games of great depth, which include important exclusives but also promising cross-platform productions. Like Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment's battle royale, finally making its debut on the Japanese hybrid console.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury will take us back to the extraordinary world of the platform originally released in 2013 on Wii U but with many new features , while Bravely Default 2 will involve us in an epic adventure, at the command of four heroes. Speaking of heroes, the Phantom Thieves are waiting for you to start a spectacular battle in Persona 5 Strikers.

Apex Legends

Out February 2nd

Exactly at two years after the release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Apex Legends also makes its debut on Nintendo Switch, in conjunction with the start of Season 8: Chaos. The best time possible to launch Respawn Entertainment's battle royale on the Japanese hybrid console, which will allow you to enjoy the experience even in portability.

We know the formula well, it works great and over time the developers they have enriched it with extra modes, new maps, special events and above all new characters, added to the roster to give us even more variety. How will it all turn out on Switch? It's just a little while now: we're about to find out.

Little Nightmares 2

Out February 11

Little Nightmares 2 catapults us back into the nightmare world created by Tarsier Studios , this time telling us the story of an unpublished character, Mono: a little boy trapped in a sort of distorted dimension, but who will be helped by Six, the protagonist of the first chapter, to find a way out.

Characterized by a great atmosphere and a fascinating design for the scenarios and creatures, the game always keeps the tension high without providing us with certainties. As we explore the environments we will therefore be accompanied by a constant sense of uncertainty, aware that at any moment a new pitfall could arise from around the corner.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Out February 12

Yet another re-release of a title originally released on Wii U, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury doesn't just re-propose the amazing platform-based experience we enjoyed in 2013, it enriches it with a cooperative multiplayer mode, both locally and online, and with various unreleased single player content.

Among these the Bowser's Fury expansion stands out, still shrouded in mystery: an extra adventure probably designed for those who already completed the campaign but wants a more intense challenge and is ready to prove himself. In this sense, the developers have also increased the pace of the gameplay, speeding up the action and thus changing the balance.

Persona 5 Strikers

Out February 23rd

Set after the events of Atlus' extraordinary RPG, Persona 5 Strikers transforms the original experience into a frenetic musou-style action game in which, at the helm of the Phantom Thieves, we will have the task of facing hordes of enemies and corruption within a distorted and alternate reality created by the mysterious Alice.

The gameplay of the game, however, distances itself from the various spin-offs of Dynasty Warriors, introducing curious stealth mechanics that allow you to solve duels more quickly, and that you pose as an interesting alternative to the typical frontal confrontations of the genre, which can quickly become chaotic and complicated.


Out February 25

At a distance of some years since its debut or on mobile, PC and PS4, République is preparing to involve us with its disturbing dystopia also on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Camouflaj, the team behind the recent Marvel's Iron Man VR, the game is set in a structure where many people are imprisoned.

At the command of a girl named Hope, we must try to escape from this prison using the help of a mysterious person who can control the surveillance cameras and security systems, allowing us to overcome the guards who guard each sector and proceed to the next level. But what really awaits us out there?

Bravely Default 2

Out on February 26th

Sequel to the extraordinary RPG released in 2013 on Nintendo 3DS, Bravely Default 2 throws us into a distant world, divided into five kingdoms, threatened by forces that want to take possession of the magical crystals that, with their energy, feed it. At the command of four brave heroes we will have to prevent this from happening.

We will follow the stories of Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adelle, facing all kinds of pitfalls and increasingly stronger opponents, which we will have to defeat using a combat system that takes the elements of the first chapter to confront us with a reckless or conservative approach.

Other games to be released in February 2021

King of Seas, to be released on February 18 Thomas Was Alone, out February 19 Ghosts' n Goblins Resurrection, out February 25 Hellpoint, out February 25 Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, out February 25 Capcom Arcade Stadium, out February Super Seducer , out in February Super Seducer 2, out in February

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