[SPOILER] The Medium: the conference room enigma, the solution

[SPOILER] The Medium: the conference room enigma, the solution
During The Medium's quest to find Richard and access the Living Room you will have to face the conference room puzzle. During this part of the game you will get the very useful wire cutters and you will also have to restore peace to the souls of the other victims of the Maw.

There are two souls, that of a man and that of a woman. The riddle of the Conference Room begins when you go looking for the man's name so that he can finally leave the spirit world.

How to get rid of the two souls of the victims

If you want to get the wire cutters, you must necessarily help the two souls to move on. The order in which you release them is up to you, what matters is that you will have to help them both if you want to continue. To do this, you must find two things: their masks and their names.

The trapped soul on the right belongs to a woman and you will find everything you need to help her by following the spirit trail to your right. Along the way you'll have to solve a few short puzzles and do some stealth, but it's nothing complicated.

The soul on the left, on the other hand, belongs to a man. You will easily find his mask by following the track on the left, but finding out his name will not be as easy and you may need some help.

Solving the Conference Room riddle

First to begin, know that while solving this puzzle you will have to pay close attention to the objects you interact with and the order in which you do so. If you are not careful, you may lose the opportunity to interact with some of them and thus solve the puzzle.

The only way to try again is to load a previous save. Now let's see how to solve the conference room puzzle.

This puzzle is divided into two different rooms; the first is accessible by traveling through the mirror, unlocked once you have found the mask of man in the spirit world.

Once through the mirror, Marianne will find herself in an abandoned conference room; head left into the room and pick up the phone located near the open door. At this point, listen to the trace left on the phone by the spirit: in this way Marianne will know what to do to find out the man's name, that is, explore the room that is across the corridor.

Head out of the room with the telephone, cross the corridor and enter the only open door that opens onto the small meeting room. Once inside, read the attendance sheet found on the table to find out who was inside the room.

This will allow you to interact with the chairs, but don't touch them for now. Doing so may prevent you from interacting with other objects, blocking the puzzle and preventing you from continuing. Rather, what you need to do is head to the back of the room and interact with the ashtray.

By listening to the spirit trace of the object you will know that the man you are looking for did not like the fact that he was sitting in front of someone called Boris. attendance, continuing to ignore (at least for now) the chairs; Marianne will understand that the mysterious Boris was assigned seat number 9.

The chair in seat 9 is the lowest in the left corner of the room. Inspect her and then go to her opposite, to find that she has the number 4.

Go back one last time to the sheet with the names and places assigned, and Marianne will understand the real name of the soul she must save. Now you can go back and talk to her, but be careful of the Maw, which will be invisible and will come out of the room containing the mirror.

The best way to avoid them is to stay on the left side of the corridor, holding your breath and proceeding down , until the Maw is out the door. When there is no more danger, you can enter the room and use the mirror again, to return to the soul in pain and finally guarantee it peace.

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