Receipt Lottery: official from February 1st

Receipt Lottery: official from February 1st
An official press release announces the confirmation awaited at these hours: the Lottery of Receipts will be able to start from Monday 1 February 2021. As indicated in this approaching week, not all merchants will be able to participate from day one, but the Lottery will still kick off after too many postponements and by April all merchants will be definitively aligned.

Lottery Receipts: how does it work?

Every citizen who wants to participate in the Receipt Lottery has to do is create a Lottery Code through the appropriate site. This code can be printed or saved on your smartphone, so you can show it when making a purchase. Showing it to the merchant before the receipt is produced, it will be used to transform the receipt itself into a winning opportunity. Every single euro spent (within the 1000 euro ceiling) is equivalent to a chance to win: the receipt, therefore, is in fact the sum of many lottery tickets, provided that the payment is made without the use of cash.

Cash purchases, online purchases, those for which an invoice is issued and those for which the customer provides the operator with his tax code or health card for tax deduction purposes cannot participate in the lottery.

How much do you win?

This is the latest update announced by MEF, Sogei, ADM and the Revenue Agency:

The first monthly draw is scheduled for Thursday 11 March, which will distribute prizes from 100,000 euros to 10 buyers and prizes from 20,000 to 10 merchants against receipts sent and registered in the lottery system from 1st to 28th February. From June there will be weekly draws that will distribute 15 prizes of 25,000 euros each week for those who buy and 15 prizes of 5,000 euros for those who sell. The first annual draw will be held at the beginning of next year which will reward one of the purchases made from February 1st to December 31st 2021, assigning 5 million euros to a buyer and 1 million euros to a merchant.

From February 1st a Reserved Area will be activated on the official website (not yet accessible to date) in which to enter your data, such as a PEC address. If you use this channel, if you win, you will receive a message announcing the extraction. Alternatively, the communication will be by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The communication will indicate the obligation to go, within ninety days, to the office of the Customs and Monopoly Agency competent based on one's residence to their tax domicile. The prize will arrive directly by bank or postal transfer.

The monthly draws will take place every second Thursday of the month. The weekly draws will be added from June. All receipts issued from February 1st will be valid for the annual prize draw.

How to create the Lottery Code

Creating the Lottery Code is very simple as it only takes 3 steps:

you go to the dedicated page you enter your tax code you generate the code to print or save on your smartphone

At the end of the procedure you will get a code like the following one, to be kept for all future uses:

If you lose your code, no problem: since it is already registered on the lottery servers, in the event of a draw you will still be entitled to win. Furthermore, it will be sufficient to repeat the operation and produce a new Lottery Code, which will again be linked to the same tax code and will remain registered together with the previous one. The new receipts will be registered on the new code and you will have the same winning opportunities.

Each participant, in short, can have countless lottery codes: this is completely insignificant for the purposes of winning and transforming the receipts into possibilities to win.

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