Elves, Dwarves and the unprecedented Maghi will be published by Editoriale Cosmo

Elves, Dwarves and the unprecedented Maghi will be published by Editoriale Cosmo
Yesterday afternoon, Editoriale Cosmo, through its official facebook page, announced that it has secured the rights for the publication of Elves, Dwarves and the unprecedented Maghi who thus joins Orcs and Goblins whose first two volumes have already been released in recent months.

With Elfi we are obviously talking about the hugely popular fantasy saga launched by the French publisher Soleil in 2013 and created by Jean-Luc Istin and Nicolas Jarry.

The saga set in the Lands of Arran sees the various elven races separated for centuries with little to share now with each other and rigidly closed in societies that prefer to limit contacts with the outside world. However, an army from the north of the continent is bringing death and destruction to Arran, setting the stage for a war at the center of which appears to be ancient elven magic.

Elfi, which has skyrocketing sales in France, has achieved immediately great popularity generating the spin-offs Nani, Orcs and Goblins and the more recent Maghi.

The saga and its spin-offs are often self-contained books where, however, there are references and narrative continuity between the main series, and the spin-offs, this is also due to the fact that being the elves extremely long-lived and almost immortal the saga spans several centuries and eras.

Elves, Dwarves and Wizards in Italy

Elves and Dwarfs were previously published in Italy by Panini Comics for this reason Editorial Cosmo clarifies immediately that:

Editorial Cosmo is proud to present in Italy the great heroic fantasy fresco of the Lands of Arran! In addition to the ORCHI AND GOBLIN series, in fact, the adventures of ELFI (from volume 16 onwards), NANI (from volume 5 onwards) and MAGHI (unpublished) arrive from April, starting exactly from where the previous publisher left off! Each month you can therefore read a new issue containing a double adventure set in this fantasy universe.

Nothing to fear for those wishing to recover the saga from the beginning. Editorial Cosmo reassures that a reprint plan will soon arrive! It is therefore likely that the same strategy used for Savage Dragon will be used, that is to publish a reprint and an unpublished one in the same month.

We are waiting for more details.

Waiting for Elves, recover Orcs and Goblin Volume 1 - Turuk / Myth.

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