Apple brings iCloud Keychain to Chrome for Windows

Apple brings iCloud Keychain to Chrome for Windows
Apple released iCloud version 12 for Windows yesterday. The main novelty is the support for iCloud Keychain through an extension for Chrome. The dedicated section on the support site has also been updated to indicate the presence of the new feature. There is only one small problem: the extension does not exist on the Chrome Web Store.

iCloud Keychain for Chrome, waiting for the extension

iCloud Keychain allows to store various sensitive information in the cloud, such as browser and WiFi network passwords, credit card numbers and usernames. All data is protected by end-to-end encryption. The feature was previously only available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, ie only on Safari.

A Password section has been added in iCloud 12 for Windows, so Windows users too can access the "key ring". In reality this is not yet possible because a piece of the puzzle is missing. If you select the item in the settings and press the Apply button, the software asks you to download the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome. But clicking on the download button opens a nonexistent page of the Chrome Web Store (404 error). Apple has probably released the new version of iCloud for Windows too early because Google has not yet published the extension.

Remember that the use of iCloud Keychain requires activation two-factor authentication for the Apple account. All that remains is to wait for the availability of the extension for Chrome. Since it shares the same code as Google's browser, the extension should also work on the new Microsoft Edge.

Source: Apple

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