Google opens a new center in Europe for the control of online content

Google opens a new center in Europe for the control of online content

An office dedicated to the fight against online violence and abuse has been inaugurated in Dublin. In 2019 a team has already started in Munich

Google's headquarters in Dublin, Ireland (Photo: Vincent Isore / IP3 / Getty Images) Google has announced the birth of a second European Safety engineering center, which will have the dual task of protecting people from harmful web content and making the company's services safer. The center will be built at the Big G headquarters in Dublin and will be the second structure of this type in the old continent after Munich (opened in 2019). Google chose Dublin because, in its view, the Irish capital is "already a reference point in Europe for our Trust and Safety teams, which include policy experts, product specialists and engineers dedicated to protecting users online through technologies always updated and the use of artificial intelligence ".

This new structure will become the reference point at European level and its team will have the task of dealing with issues related to content moderation by implementing actions to contrast illegal and harmful ones. It will also have to interface with European legislators, researchers and authorities to make people understand how the tech giant deals with the security of online content.

"This center will help understand how we develop and apply our policies, the functioning of our anti - abuse and potential threat detection systems, the way we work with organizations that specialize in reporting content that violates the law, our processes of managing incidents and content moderation practices, ”explains Google on its blog. The company claims to have over 20,000 people engaged in network security control teams.

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