Instagram says goodbye to the swipe-up: it will be replaced by a sticker

Instagram says goodbye to the swipe-up: it will be replaced by a sticker

Instagram says goodbye to the swipe-up

Stop on August 30 for the Stories function to connect external links. The social network will now use a dedicated sticker

(Photo: Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto via Getty Images) Goodbye swipe-up and welcome link sticker in Instagram Stories: from August 30th, the social network will replace the famous system for open a page external to the app with a more traditional element such as a special sticker, which will be the prerogative of verified accounts or with a significant number of followers.

The swipe-up in the Stories was introduced as an in-depth tool for highly followed profiles of content creators, media, celebrities or companies. Just swipe upwards with your fingertip to open a link that leads to an article to read, to a product page to buy, to a portal to subscribe to and so on. Right from the start, the swipe-up was particularly appreciated by influencers, who were thus able to direct their followers towards a sponsored service.

The original function of the swipe-up will not change with the new link sticker, which is it will just move the action area from the swipe to a simple tap on the element, something very similar to the normal links found on sites. The sticker has been tested since last June and, apparently, the experimentation has convinced Instagram, which has already started sending notifications to affected profiles (see screenshot below).

(Photo: Sam Sheffer - Twitter) Compared to the swipe-up, the adhesive has two advantages. The first is that of creative freedom since it will be an element that can be placed wherever you want in the layout of the Stories and with the desired style, just like a survey or any other sticker. Second: finally there will be an interaction with followers who will be able to respond to the story with links, whereas previously it was impossible.

Will the sticker be made available to the entire Instagram audience? It is difficult to imagine that the social network will deprive itself of this control over the links published by its users, since it is a good barrier to avoid a large number of scam and disinformation attempts. For the moment, therefore, it will only be available to verified profiles or those with a sufficient number of followers. At least ten thousand, even if it is a number that has never been officially confirmed.

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Instagram is killing 'Swipe-Up' links

Instagram Dark Mode

Igor Bonifacic / Android Authority


  • Instagram is doing away with Swipe-Up links starting August 30.
  • They will be replaced by new Link Stickers.
  • Instagram is doing away with its age-old Swipe-Up links in stories. Content creators and brands widely use the popular feature to direct users to their websites or online stores. Sadly, Swipe-Up links will go out of existence starting August 30.

    According to TechCrunch, Instagram users who previously had access to Swipe-Up links will now be able to use new Link Stickers.

    Instagram’s announcement about Link Stickers was first spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The company says it has been testing the new feature since June. Only a handful of users had access to it till now, but a wider rollout will begin at the end of this month. Businesses and creators who are verified on the platform and have an adequate number of followers will be able to add Link Stickers to their Insta stories.

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    There are a couple of advantages of Link Stickers as opposed to Swipe-Up links. Creators will be able to choose from a variety of styles, resize the stickers, and place them anywhere in stories.

    Viewers will also be able to react and reply to stories that have Link Stickers. This was previously not possible on posts with Swipe-Up links.

    Instagram is also contemplating expanding Link Stickers to more accounts in the future.

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