Volkswagen prepares to bid farewell to manual gearboxes

Volkswagen prepares to bid farewell to manual gearboxes

The transition from thermal engines to electric ones, which will inevitably occur thanks to the new European regulations, brings other innovations related to the functioning of the cars themselves. For example, the classic manual transmission is destined to disappear as there is no point in maintaining it. Volkswagen is well aware of this, and as early as 2023 it will begin to reduce its presence across its entire range of vehicles, starting with the Passat and Tiguan. And we are not talking about the American versions or some particular markets, but the entire VW production.

This was announced by the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport explaining that this choice is motivated, as mentioned at the beginning, by the transition energy. Given that from 2030 most Volkswagen cars will be electrified (to reach 2035 with electric only) it makes sense, economically speaking, to cut "deadwood". Moreover, the automatic transmission is already fitted to a wide range of models, especially high-end and sporty ones. Moreover, the latest technologies applied to DSG and the like outclass the old transmissions in all respects: speed, economy and reliability included. But even the most modern automatic transmission is destined to disappear, when all production will be of the EV type.

The whole operation can also be observed in the light of the upcoming Euro 7 regulations and the costs associated with alignment by the manufacturers. As new components and ECUs will be needed to stay in line with these standards, it makes sense to try to save where you can. Especially since certain markets, such as the US, do not even require manual transmission as standard. Europe and Italy, on the other hand, have always remained fond of the classic lever for reasons of "sporting" tradition which today makes little sense.

Since electric motors do not require particular rotation speeds to offer maximum efficiency, the first need to mount a transmission disappears. And if moving the gear lever will always be better than pressing "just" the accelerator, in many situations the convenience of the automatic is already being felt today. In addition, considering that most of the manufacturers will switch to electric in the next few years, this is not a choice limited to Volkswagen. But what we will see soon on all cars.

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