Buying Guide for Back to School 2021

Buying Guide for Back to School 2021

With the start of the new school year, thanks to the particular situation due to covid-19, it is even more essential to prepare a corner of the house where you can focus on your goals. The study has become even more virtual and flexible than in the past, which means that it has become even more important to have a workstation suitable for long hours of study. MSI has selected for you the best desktops and monitors of the PRO and Modern line, designed exclusively for students and professionals. Here is an overview!

Desktop? All-in-One? How to choose the perfect product for your needs?

As a student, your daily activities will vary between homework, extracurricular activities, keeping in touch with your peers via social media, taking lessons via streaming or playing games. A PC that can handle all of these tasks is a must.

If you already own a monitor or want the flexibility to add a larger display or more peripherals, having a desktop is the right choice. If you prefer to have a product that combines desktop and monitor together then the choice must fall on the All-in-One PCs. Before choosing the right product, you need to consider some aspects: operating system, RAM, storage and connectivity. In these respects MSI offers a great variety of products, from mini-PCs to All-in-Ones!

The best products for middle school students

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